Norfolk Trip!

So me and one of my best friends have a tradition which is to visit her Grandma in Norfolk every year. A couple of weeks ago we did this again. Every time we go it ends up being so relaxing and some of the best days off that I have. There is no pressure and no rush to do anything.

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Xplor Mexico 2017

Zip lining metres above tree tops and through waterfalls, driving across bridges and rivers feeling like an explorer in the midst of the jungle and witnessing the beautiful, airy caves whilst rafting underground are just a few of the many incredible sensations a day trip to Xplor in Mexico can guarantee.

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City Breaks – Where’s Next On The List

Over the past couple of years, it’s safe to say that I haven’t been shy of a city break or two. With the likes of Rome, Luxembourg, Dublin and Amsterdam having been ticked off the list, I’ve come to the realisation that there’s quite a few more places I’d like to venture to! After all, the world is our oyster – so wouldn’t it be rude not to?

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My Trip to Edinburgh in Photos

Without a shadow of a doubt, Edinburgh is my second favourite city in the United Kingdom (closely followed behind London) thanks to its grand, beautiful buildings and majestic feel. As a result of the arctic breeze and rain/snow, we spent a lot of the time in pubs warming up, but we still got to do quite a lot of exploring in the short time we were there. In this post, I’ve shared all my pictures for the weekend, so if you’ve never visited before, you can hopefully get a feel of the city!

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