Norfolk Trip!

So me and one of my best friends have a tradition which is to visit her Grandma in Norfolk every year. A couple of weeks ago we did this again. Every time we go it ends up being so relaxing and some of the best days off that I have. There is no pressure and no rush to do anything.

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Our July Favourites

Hello lovelies! Can you believe that it’s the end of the month again already?! It’s time to have our little rave about all those things that we’ve been loving in July, and believe me we’ve been busy little bees. Where do we even begin?!

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Our June Current Favourites

Thanks to £900 coming out my (Billie) account this month (car insurance I hate u), I haven’t really bought a lot this month, but don’t worry, you’re still going to get the low down on the things that I’ve been loving!

Also, I (Amy) haven’t really be loving too much this month because I simply haven’t tried anything new. If I’m completely honest I have spent all my spare money on holiday clothes haha.

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