Skinny Shaming

“You’re so fat” “You need to eat less” “Why do you eat so much cr*p?” Something you never say to overweight person hey? So why is “You’re so skinny” “Do you even eat?” “You need to get some meat on your bones” acceptable?

I got thinking about this the other week because I work in a restaurant and I was chatting to two ladies about how she hasn’t eaten any breakfast, I responded with the comment “you must be starving!”, she replied saying “yes I am, although you don’t look like you eat breakfast, in-fact you don’t look like you eat anything at all!”. Absolutely astounded I replied saying “Actually, I eat loads” and walked off.

This comment kept going around and around in my head for about a week afterwards and really got me thinking about how no one would ever fat shame because it’s seen as unacceptable however people don’t blink an eye at making comments about slim people. Don’t get me wrong, these ladies didn’t mean anything sinister but I was taken back at how easily it slipped out her mouth.

On a day to day basis I get comments as such as the ones above. It has become so normal for people to comment on my weight I don’t even think about it anymore. The funny thing is, I eat normally (in fact, I eat rather a lot). Since I was young I have always been slim, I have never been able to put on any weight, I don’t choose to be this size.

I know some people will be thinking “oh stop moaning, you’re so lucky” but everyone has the idea of how they want to look and just because I’m slim doesn’t mean it’s how I want to look.

Everyone is beautiful inside and out and I’m not moaning about the size that I am, I’m trying to bring attention to the fact that it’s so easy for comments to come out of people’s mouth without realising the impact they have.

What are your thoughts? Do you see an issue with this? I’d love to know.

Amy x

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8 thoughts on “Skinny Shaming

  1. Totally agree with this! It isn’t fair to criticise or comment on people’s weight, regardless what end of the spectrum they are on! I’m not very small at all but I still get frequent comments about me not eating – it’s not nice! xxx

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