Xplor Mexico 2017

Zip lining metres above tree tops and through waterfalls, driving across bridges and rivers feeling like an explorer in the midst of the jungle and witnessing the beautiful, airy caves whilst rafting underground are just a few of the many incredible sensations a day trip to Xplor in Mexico can guarantee.


Xplor, known as the best adventure park in the Riviera Maya, certainly lives up to expectations and is an excursion I highly recommend if you ever find yourself in Mexico. A great day out for all the family, whatever age you are.

If adventure, fun and adrenaline isn’t enough, don’t worry it’s an all inclusive park, so lunch time will not leave you stuck for choice at all. As well as that, the park offers fresh juice cocktails (alcohol is not permitted on site due to the activities), smoothies and delicious oat cookies as refreshments throughout the day. With the addition of gorgeous rock pools, white sand and hammocks, the park’s grounds are extremely picturesque (and insta-worthy!).


My favourite activity was by far the zip-lining. Flying above the jungle, through waterfalls and into lakes was pretty impressive. Stunning views below you and adrenaline pumping through your veins, this was the most thrill-seeking activity, closely followed by driving the buggies along the dirt tracks below.



As already mentioned, I highly recommend doing this excursion if you’re in the vicinity of Playa Del Carmen and whilst you’re there I would certainly suggest paying extra for the photos. They may seem a little expensive at the time, but they’re brilliant quality and there are many cameras throughout the entire park to capture your day. Furthermore, they use a really clever technology which tracks your helmet number and groups all of the photos taken of you and your group together, so once you’re finished for the day, you can go onto the website and download all of the photos.


I really hope you enjoyed this post, let me know your thoughts! If you’ve ever been before, what did you think was the best part?

Fancy hearing a little bit more from Amy and me? You can read about my first couple of days in Mexico here, or find out Amys delicious creme egg cheesecake recipe here!


2 thoughts on “Xplor Mexico 2017

  1. Holy moly this looks like an absolute blast!!!!! Jeeze what a fun park to find and I love that they photograph little parts of it for you seeing as though I’m sure half these things you probably would lose your phone on ha Zip lining is something I’ve always wanted to do, it scares the heck of out me but I’m sure the views are totally worth it!!!

    xo, JJ

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