Mexico, Tequila, Sunshine 

On Friday, my family and I begun the 10 hour flight to Cancun, Mexico. After sleeping, reading, eating, listening to music and watching films to pass the time, we eventually had only half hour of the journey remaining and begun our descent into a sunny, 30 degrees climate.

Our holiday is with Thomson, and credit given where it’s due, from booking your flights to arriving at your resort, the whole procedure is so simple, so friendly and yet so professional. We begun our transfer and eventually arrived at our resort (Riu Yucatan in Playa Del Carmen) at around 5pm local time, which was 11pm back in England. Having been up since 4am, we were exhausted so had a wonder round the resort, got a Tequila Sunrise in true Mexican style ( I’ve consumed quite a few more since arriving) and then sat on the beach for a little while before making our way to the Chinese restaurant in the resort for something to eat before going off to sleep at about 9.30pm, which was 3.30am back home in the UK.

The resort itself is modern yet very beautiful, with stylish, clean and fresh rooms and stunning decor in the reception building and restaurants. The resort backs onto the beach, which is the most picturesque location, with turquoise sea water, a white ribbon of sand and stunning palm trees to provide shelter from the sun.
The one thing that really surprised me when landing in Mexico and how green and tropical it looked. Many of the hot countries that I’ve been to before appear to be quite brown and dusty, particularly when travelling on the roads from one place to another, which a lack of greenery. However, Mexico is full of tropical trees and plants, both inside and outside of the resort which is makes it look and feel so beautiful.

We’ve only had a few days in the sun so far and our skin is still getting used to it. The sun literally feels so much stronger over here, so high factors are definitely in order in order to stop any burning and frazzling! The weather so far as been beautiful, I particularly love it on the beach as there is a slight breeze which is really refreshing and stops you from feeling too hot.

On our first evening, we wondered down to the town of Playa Del Carmen, which was full of small, Mexican shops as well as big brands like Zara, Tommy Hilfiger and Nike. Also situated on the sea front, we stopped off for a drink whilst appreciating the view, before heading back to the Steakhouse in our resort for dinner.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading! If you want to keep up to date with my holiday pictures, make sure you’re following us on instagram! (@allureofagirl)

Bills x


3 thoughts on “Mexico, Tequila, Sunshine 

  1. Aww I love that candid of you and your mom that is frame-worthy and so cute! So jealous that you’re soaking up the sun in Cancun, I’ve never been but my boyfriend used to go every year as a kid and would tell me stories of how beautiful it is there! Ah have the best time ever!!!

    xo, JJ


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