Mother’s Day Breakfast

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, and my family going out for breakfast has sort of become a little Mother’s Day tradition over the last couple of years. Both mine and my mum’s favourite place in the local area is The Hide, in Ampthill Bedfordshire.

For me, Mother’s Day is all about cherishing my Mum and spending good quality time with her, as we get along so so well. Yesterday morning, myself, two brothers and parents set off to Ampthill from home to devour breakfast and set ourselves up for the day.

The Hide is hidden (coincidently) behind it’s gorgeous courtyard, which is just off one of Ampthill’s quaint streets. It has a rustic, shabby-chic feel thanks to the wooden interior, decor and cosy feel.

As well as excelling in breakfast, The Hide offer a delicious lunch menu, and offer sharing platters on weekday evenings, which I am yet to try!

I opted for the Bacon Breakfast (along with the majority of my family) and we sat upstairs, which they label as “the room with a view” as it looks out onto part of the restaurant and the bar area. Whether you’re seeing family or friends, the Hide is full of character and ambience, it’s the perfect venue for all.

We had the most perfect morning and then met up with the rest of my family later on in the afternoon. I hope that you all had a lovely Mother’s Day! What did you get up to?

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