Bath – The Most Beautiful City

I recently took a two-day trip here with my boyfriend and wow is all I can say. I have heard numerous people saying how amazingly beautiful Bath is for a city and they’re not wrong.

After a slight hick-up (something to do with me booking the hotel for June, not March, oops) we checked into our lovely hotel the ‘Francis Hotel.’ This hotel was stunning and the service was amazing form the moment we walked through the door. ‘Can we take your luggage?’ ‘ Do you have a car for us to park?’. The hotel was such good value for money and potentially had one of the comfiest beds I’ve ever slept in.



There was a couple of things we wanted to do in Bath:

1- See the Royal Crescent
2- Go and see Pulteney Bridge
3 – Go to the Thermae Spa
4 – Visit the Roman Bath

The Royal Crescent was super close to our hotel, about a ten minute walk. It’s amazing because you walk towards it and all of a sudden it just opens up into this beautiful array of houses. Unfortunately there was some scaffolding up on two of the houses so it slightly ruined the sight, but netherless it was amazing to see. Opposite it also has a lovely green area which would be amazing in the summer.


Next up was to go and see the Pulteney Bridge. We actually unintentionally stumbled across it whilst looking for the restaurant we wanted to go to for dinner. Pulteney Bridge, together with the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, is one of the world’s most beautiful bridges. Like the Ponte Vecchio it is one of a handful of historic bridges in the world with shops built into it. It also has a beautiful water feature below it creating such a beautiful atmosphere, because you can hear all of the water.



Whilst in Bath, you HAVE to go and see the Roman Baths. Initially it seems quite expensive but you get a whole background museum tour included in the price along with a free handset guide and guided tour if you want one. There is also no time limit so you can spend as long as you want having a look around. I found it absolutely amazing, and very surreal. You can almost picture all of the goings on all those years ago as you stand looking over the baths.


Unfortunately, the only one we didn’t get to do was the Thermae Spa because the sauna and steam rooms were closed for maintenance, so we have vowed to go back.

We visited a beautiful cafe for Breakfast called the  Wild Cafe. They did an array of things for brunch but we opted for a Bacon Sandwich ( Best Bacon Sandwich I’ve ever had may I add) and Eggs Florentine. Both of our meals where delicious and you could tell they were made with quality ingredients. The cafe is not very big so I can imagine it gets very busy on  weekends.



We ended our trip with a game of adventure golf. Apart from being the only ones on the course it was super fun. Theres something about mini golf which we absolutely love. You can’t beat getting super competitive over a little game of golf. Unfortunately, I didn’t win (No shock there).


Alongside doing all of those fun things, we spent a lot of time just waking around the town as it was such nice weather, so it was nice to pop into all of shops and see the city.


I would 100% recommend anyone to go to Bath. All you need is two whole days and that’s plenty of time to see the city.

Bath, I will be back.

Amy x

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