Longing for Summer

At the time of writing this, it’s Sunday and I just finished battling with the wind en route and on return from my Cafe Nero coffee trip. I feel like the British weather is teasing us, with a few glimpses of sunshine and warmer temperatures over the couple of weeks, I begun thinking Spring was on its way. This was, unsurprisingly, followed by a couple of bouts of stormy gales and wet weather. I’m a massive lover of Autumn and Winter (you can read my reasons why here), but as soon as January / February is over, I can’t help but long for summer evenings and sunny days…

What I’m Looking Forward To…

Longer days… 

I finish work at 6pm every day, and the last week or so it has still been light outside which has been the loveliest feeling (despite it being dark by the time I’m home from work). I can’t wait for longer days and light evenings, as it will no longer feel as though the day is over when I’ve finished work.


Spending the weekends outdoors…

I absolutely love doing things at the weekends after having been at work all week, and think there’s so many more options when the weather’s nice. Exploring new places, outdoor coffee dates, relaxing in the sun in parks, what’s not to love? Last Summer my boyfriend and I went to an outdoor cinema screening of Spectre, and it was such a cool experience and I am desperately awaiting their screening season to start again!


Darker skin and lighter hair…

There’s no denying it, we all look better and feel more confident with a tan! I’m off to Mexico for two weeks during the Easter Break and really can’t wait to live in a bikini for a few weeks, it will make sure a difference compared to the jumpers I’ve been wearing over the last couple of months.


Pub gardens…

Oh how I just can’t wait to sit in a pub garden on a summer afternoon / evening with a Pimms in my hand!


I’m partial to a city break or two, especially during the summer months! We just booked our flights to stay at my boyfriend’s grandparent’s apartment in sunny Menorca in August, but we’re thinking about squeezing a little weekend away somewhere. Last Summer, we explored Rome and had the most incredible time in this beautiful and surreal city. If you’ve never been, it better be on your travel list! You can read all about it here. 


Happiness and health…

Whether it’s the sun’s vitamin D or the warm temperatures, there’s just something about Spring and Summer that makes us feel so alive, healthy and happy.


Are you even British if you’re not excited for a good barbie? As soon as we get our first Summer’s day, the shops sell out of burger buns and sausages as the British flock to their nearest supermarket to buy the ultimate BBQ essentials.


What aspects of Summer are you most looking forward to? I’d love to hear your thoughts, don’t forget to leave a comment in the box below!

Bills x

p.s. you can read my previous post bareMinerals Blemish Remedy Foundation Review here, or find out all about Amy’s recent trip to Amsterdam!

p.p.s. we’ve been working really hard to up our Insta game over the last couple of weeks or so, feel free to check us out! @allureofagirl


2 thoughts on “Longing for Summer

  1. This post just gave me alll the spring/summer feels! Everything listed I literally CANNOT wait for! I love the “darker skin, lighter hair” thats a good one and for sure on the top of my list 🙂

    xo, JJ


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