Amsterdam, Round 2!

Welcome back!!

So this my second time visiting Amsterdam after falling in love with it a couple of years back. I went with three of my best friends for a weekend getaway. We went Friday-Monday and I would say this is a perfect amount of time to do A LOT of stuff you would want to do in Amsterdam.


An absolute MUST for a tourist visiting Amsterdam. You see this classic picture everywhere however its just something you have to do. The sign is always heaving so I would suggest going really really early morning to get a great picture with it.
£ – Free



Not everyone’s cup of tea, but very entertaining and interesting. This museum has a theme of sensual love with an extensive collection of erotic pictures, paintings, objects, recordings, photographs and even attractions. For €4 it really is worth giving it a go.

 £ – €4
 There are absolutely HUNDREDS of waffle and pancake houses around Amsterdam as that is one of the many things they are known for. We went to one right outside the Anne Frank House and enjoyed some savoury pancakes. We all decided we prefer sweet pancakes, but are glad we tried some savoury ones. This place was super-duper cute with an extensive list of pancakes and omelets to choose from. Also, with a massive pot of maple syrup sitting on our table, you can go cray with the sauce.
£ – €6 – €16


Again, whether or not this is your thing, it can’t be denied that one of the things Amsterdam is most well-known for is its legalisation of weed and your free will to walk into a coffee shop and smoke it. Whether you’re smoker or not, its unbelievable the amount of coffee shops there are. There’s dingy, dark cafe’s to brightly coloured lit up cafe’s. Something for everyone.

This was something that I didn’t get to do last time I came to Amsterdam and was dying to do this time around. This Brewery is HUGE. As you walk through the experience you learn all about how the beer is made, the history of the beer and also get a free taster and then two other drinks included in the price. When you finish the tour, there is a really nice rooftop bar where you can enjoy your beer’s and and have a panoramic view of the city. We, (well my friends) where very lucky as 4 people gave us their tokens for the free beer’s as they had to go, so they got extra drinks on top. It was safe to safe they where a bit merry by the time we left the tour. (I don’t drink beer). Overall it was such a fun experience because they made it so interesting with loads of interactive gadgets and things to do.
£ – €16


This was something  that randomly popped up on my Facebook a couple of weeks before we where due to go and I’m so glad it did. It’s a bit out of the city, but not too far that you can’t walk it. It is an underground glow in the dark mini golf course. Yes, it was as awesome as it sounds. 16 holes of attempting to find the hole and pretending to know what you’re doing. They also provide you with some 3D glasses however this made it way too hard and also gave me a headache! (lol)
£ – €9


This time around we didn’t get to do the Anne frank house because we where silly and didn’t pre book our tickets. I have already been, however it was a shame for my friends who haven’t been. The house is open 9:30 – 3:30 for ticket holders and then you can queue from 3:30 to just buy them on the door. However, when we arrived to queue, it was about a three-hour wait and the queue was about a mile long, so we gave it a miss. So basically, be prepared and book your tickets online to avoid all queue’s and just walk in.
£ – €9


Again undeniably, this is also one thing Amsterdam is most famous for. When you walk down the streets it is so surreal. You can’t quite believe it because it’s so different to anything you would see in England, or anywhere else in the world for that matter. It is about three streets long and then all of the side streets in-between, it’s very impressive. You can also visit the red light district museum and feature in your own window. (Obviously not a real one). One thing I find amazing about the red light district is how you can see its a proper business. There is a rent a room sign beside every door and every door is labelled. 100% a must see if you’re in Dam.

£ – Free

As well as doing all of that, we did spend a lot of time just walking around the city. It is honestly so, so beautiful we didn’t realise we where doing it. After having dinner we spent our evenings in bars having a few drinks and cocktails and generally enjoying ourselves.
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Until next time Dam,
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