Mini Exercise Outfit Haul

So recently, after months of wanting to but never actually doing it, I have FINALLY joined a gym!! I have been wanting to join a gym for ages now but never actually got around to going to have a look at a few and choosing the best one for me.

I have been a member for about three weeks now and try to go to 3 classes a week. Sometimes more, sometime less. I honestly feel so much better about myself, I feel so energised and have seen such a change in my mood and skin.

I realised when I started going to the gym that I only actually have one pair of leggings and two tops that I could wear. I have quite a few sports bra’s already because I always wear them for comfort (LOL).

So, today I thought it was time to treat myself to some more gear.

‘RUN NOW PIZZA LATER’ – Water Bottle, New Look £5.99

So I saw this water bottle whist waiting for my friend to pay for some bits and I was instantly drawn to it. I’m a self-confessed Pizza lover and am not ashamed at all. If I could I would eat it every day… ( But, obviously, I don’t) Slogan aside, I really like the size of the bottle because I find that I drink so much water, I finish a normal bottle very quickly.

IVY PARK – Vest, Topshop £15

Since the Ivy Park range got released in Topshop I have always loved it but never found a reason to purchase some bits, until now! I also had some vouchers for Topshop, so I thought I would treat myself. I really needed to purchase a top to put over all of my sports bra’s and I saw this grey vest and was instantly drawn to it. It’s not very tight-fitting either so I’ve got room to move.

IVY PARK – Long Shirt, Topshop £22

I also needed something to travel to and from the gym in. I usually wear a zip up jacket however after working out I am so hot and sweaty (gross), that the last thing I want to do is to put a jacket on. So, I just needed something light to chuck on over my work out clothes so I’m not too chilly. I saw this and thought ‘perfect!’.

NIKE PRO – Leggins,  JD Sports £30

As I said before I realised I only had one pair of workout leggins and they where £5 from Primark. Not that there’s anything wrong with them, I really wanted a pair of good quality leggings, especially as I am going pretty regularly. When in JD I tried on about 5 pairs, all different brands and these stood out a mile. They fit perfectly and felt so nice to wear. You really felt like you where being held in and supported which is what you want when working out. Compared to my other ones, there’s no competition. I will 100% be purchasing some more of these, hopefully in different colours.


Ban.Do After This We’re Getting Pizza –  Gym Bag, Asos £32


For anyone who knows me, this is literally me in a bag!

Pink Soda Sport – Mesh 2-in-1 Vest, JD Sports £25


Pink Soda Sport – Mesh Angle Fitness Tights, JD Sports £30


I hope you enjoyed reading about what I’ve been buying recently for the gym and a couple of things I would really like to purchase soon.

Much love,

Amy x

4 thoughts on “Mini Exercise Outfit Haul

  1. I loveee Nike Pro leggings they are the most comfortable leggings, I love the elastic waist it helps me feel like it’s pushing my stomach in lol great workout gear. I feel like when I have cute/nice workout clothes and gear it makes me wayyy more motivated to work out.

    xo, JJ

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  2. Awesome that you’ve joined a gym and have committed to the classes! Classes can be a great way to stay motivated and push yourself. I LOVE the Ivy Park year! Definitely some of my favourites to workout in! Keep up the great work!

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