My Trip to Edinburgh in Photos

Without a shadow of a doubt, Edinburgh is my second favourite city in the United Kingdom (closely followed behind London) thanks to its grand, beautiful buildings and majestic feel. As a result of the arctic breeze and rain/snow, we spent a lot of the time in pubs warming up, but we still got to do quite a lot of exploring in the short time we were there. In this post, I’ve shared all my pictures for the weekend, so if you’ve never visited before, you can hopefully get a feel of the city!

My Auntie moved to Edinburgh from England almost 2 years ago, and this weekend was our second visit there since for my family and boyfriend. Our first visit was in July, so the weather was a lot warmer and drier, which meant that we could explore the city much more! The first time visiting, we climbed Arthur’s Seat, which gives a beautiful view of the city and spent hours wondering around Princes Street Gardens. If you ever get the chance to visit, I definitely recommend doing both of these things, as long as the great Scottish weather holds out!

I’m actually half Scottish and my grandparents still have very strong accents, despite both having lived in England for so long so I love being in Scotland and hearing all the accents and the language that both my Granny and Grandad use.


The last few pictures are from our visit to Camera Obscura, which is located near the Castle. This is a great laugh for people of all ages, and provides 5 floors filled with fun optical experiences.

There are so many different ways of getting to Edinburgh, and weather you fly, get the train or even drive, it’s so worth it and is a beautiful place to spend a few days exploring. From grand, luxurious hotels to hostels, it has it all so whatever your budget, I would definitely recommend adding this city to your bucket list.

Have you ever been before? What were your thoughts? Don’t forget to leave a comment! You can read Amy’s last post here, and find out all of her aspirations for 2017 or read my previous post, an argan oil product review. 

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4 thoughts on “My Trip to Edinburgh in Photos

  1. Oh my goodness- I swear the UK cities are all so stunning. I literally can’t believe my eyes when I see pictures like these- the buildings, churches, and just overall appearance of the city it’s all so amazing to look at and nothinggg like what I have here in my city in the USA. Camera Obsurca looks like it’s be such a fun place to check out, I love anything optical illusion related its so cool and interesting how your mind can play tricks on what you see!

    xo, JJ

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