5 Things I want to achieve in 2017…

Now we are well into 2017 I wanted to give you a run down of some things that I want to achieve in 2017. They arent new years resolutions they are just some things I am aiming to do. It will also be really cool to look back at the end of the year and see what I’ve achieved.

1 – Travel

I really want to fill this year with lots of little trips. I don’t necessarily want to venture anywhere like the other side of the world (Even though that would be really cool). I just want to see more of Europe. So far I’ve got Amsterdam, Spain and Cyrus planned. Croatia and Budapest are top on my list also this year. It’s so easy to plan three / four-day adventures around Europe with budget airlines and hostels.

2 – Save Money

I have to admit, I am very good with my money and I do save a lot of it. This year I want to stop spending it on pointless things. For example, eating lunch at home instead of going out, same with dinner etc. Also, I have a wardrobe full of clothes so I need to stop buying new ones!! I’m not saying I’m NEVER going to eat out and buy myself clothes, all I want to do is cut down the amount that I do. This way, I will have more money for experiences, holidays and festivals.

3 –  Be more positive

After a rocky start to the year I have made a pact to myself to stay happy and positive. I tend to get down about things that really don’t affect me. For example, I will let my friends problems be a burden on my life. Of course I am 100% there for each and every one of my friends but you shouldn’t let their problems affect your life. I need to start focussing on my life and what makes me happy rather than making sure everyone else is okay before myself.

4 – Get fit and be more healthy

I bet you’ve all seen this HUNDREDS of times on people new years resolutions, however I am going to really try this year to work out regularly and eat better. I have already signed up to gym and look forward to starting when I get rid of this nasty cold. I also have started to eat a lot better. I have cut down on the amount of chocolate I eat, started to snack on yogurt and fruit and eat better meals. I feel so much better about myself already by just eating better so I cant wait to get in the gym.

5 – Spend more time with family and friends

I work in hospitality which means the hours are just ridiculous. Last year I really felt like I didn’t spend enough time with my friends or family because I was working so much. That’s why this year quality time with them is a big must. Even if it just means going for breakfast or coffee with friends and then popping to the shopping centre with my mum and dad, its better than not seeing them at all. My hours aren’t going to drastically change this year but I’m going to do the best with the time that I do have off.

What’s your goals for 2017? Id love to know them!

Thanks so much for reading,

Lots of love,

Amy x

One thought on “5 Things I want to achieve in 2017…

  1. These are great things to set as goal. I’m totally with you on the travel thing. I love any type of adventure whether its on a plane, a long walk, or a day trip somewhere. The goal is always to see as much as you can 🙂

    xo, JJ

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