Clothes Show 2016

So admittedly this post is a little late I know, however I wanted to tell you all about my experience at The Clothes Show.  On the 5th December me and two of my best friends hopped onto the train to Birmingham. The Clothes Show is held annually at the NEC and has been for many years however this was the last year in Birmingham and it is now moving to Liverpool.

The Clothes Show is made up of hundreds of stalls, from Mark Hill, Models Own and Nanshy to small individual stalls, its got EVERYTHING. My favourite stalls where Models Own because they had nail varnishes for days, Go Guy Reworked and all of the vintage stalls. Most stalls had deals on as-well so for example, Models Own had 3 nail varnishes for £10 (or something like that)!

I didn’t end up buying much apart from a bikini top from Go Guy Reworked. Go Guy Reworked are such a cool store that I had never heard of before. They basically rework brands like Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein into really unique items of clothes and swimwear.

I also got a set of Nanshy brushes as a present from one of the friends I went with as a birthday present. ( My birthday is in May, but that’s another story, for another day…)

Along with the price of the ticket you get a time slot to watch a catwalk as-well. Although in with the catwalk they have dancers, singers and musicians. It lasted about 30 minutes but it was so much fun to watch and the talent was unreal!

Overall I was really pleased I visited The Clothes Show before it got moved to Liverpool as it was such a fun day.

Have you been to The Clothes Show? If so, what did you think?

Much Love,

Amy x


3 thoughts on “Clothes Show 2016

  1. That sounds like such a great event. What a perfect little thing to attend with your girl friends! I’ve never seen a runway show but that must’ve been quite the experience!! So cool.

    xo, JJ

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