My Guide to Dublin: Where To Go & What To See 

For my boyfriend’s Christmas / Birthday present, I surprised him with a trip to Dublin so that we could spend some good quality time together, whilst drinking a lot of Guinness, before he went back to uni at the end of the month. On 22nd January, we woke up at ridiculous-o’clock (4.15am to be precise) and made our way to Luton Airport.

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NYE: Mario Gang Takes Cornwall

Dressed from crown to white gloves in princess fancy dress, I guess you could say I started 2017 as I mean to go on. If you’ve ever been to Cornwall for New Years Eve, you’ll know that many of the towns have a fancy dress tradition, where the entire town has one big party to celebrate the start of a year. There was 5 of us going so we decided to go as the gang from Mario, me being Princess Peach.

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