My Guide to Dublin: Where To Go & What To See 

For my boyfriend’s Christmas / Birthday present, I surprised him with a trip to Dublin so that we could spend some good quality time together, whilst drinking a lot of Guinness, before he went back to uni at the end of the month. On 22nd January, we woke up at ridiculous-o’clock (4.15am to be precise) and made our way to Luton Airport.

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Clothes Show 2016

So admittedly this post is a little late I know, however I wanted to tell you all about my experience at The Clothes Show.  On the 5th December me and two of my best friends hopped onto the train to Birmingham. The Clothes Show is held annually at the NEC and has been for many years however this was the last year in Birmingham and it is now moving to Liverpool.

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NYE: Mario Gang Takes Cornwall

Dressed from crown to white gloves in princess fancy dress, I guess you could say I started 2017 as I mean to go on. If you’ve ever been to Cornwall for New Years Eve, you’ll know that many of the towns have a fancy dress tradition, where the entire town has one big party to celebrate the start of a year. There was 5 of us going so we decided to go as the gang from Mario, me being Princess Peach.

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