20 Things To Do In My Twenties

I literally cannot believe that as of Wednesday, my teenage years will be over and I will be well on the road to adulthood – pretty daunting don’t you think??

There are so many things that I want to achieve within the next two years, so here’s my little mini bucket list of the 20 things on my list to do as a twenty-something-year-old!

  1. Work in the city and face the daily commute. I honestly want to get up at ridiculous o’clock to race to find a seat on the train along with 50 million other people. I think working in the city makes you a tougher, more hard-working individual and will give me invaluable experience and knowledge later on in my career.
  2. See the world. – Here’s for the cliche saying “the world is your oyster”, but seriously, it is. America, Australia, Africa, Europe – there’s so many places on my list! My boyfriend and I have a rough plan of going travelling once he finishes uni, we just need to save the funds to go!
  3. Invest in my education. I decided to take the route of working and doing my qualifications on the side, rather than going to university. My target is to finish my qualifications and have the equivalent of a degree in marketing within two years, so watch this space!
  4. Move out and have my own home. Everyone wants this for themselves at some point in life, some sooner than others. For me, I want to move out and buy my own house at some point in my twenties, once I’ve done the slightly crazier things on this list!
  5. Jump out of a plane (attached to a parachute, of course). This is one for when travelling so that there’s a super-duper view I’ll never forget, but I seriously want to scare the life out of myself.
  6. Go to New York at Christmas. I’ve never been to New York, but I truly believe this would be the most magical experience in the world!
  7. SAVE MONEY. – An essential in order for pretty much everything on my list to take place.
  8. Go to Glastonbury for the weekend. – I’ve been to many concerts and festivals for the day but never camped out for the weekend. It will be completely disgusting but one of the most amazing experiences, so this is definitely something I want to do sooner rather than later.
  9. Surround myself with positive people. – We’ve all experienced the effect that negativity can have on us, so my aim for the next ten years is to surround myself with people who make me genuinely happy and make me want to succeed.
  10. Buy my own coffee machine. – Imagining how much money I’ll spend on coffee in places like Starbucks and Costa over the next ten years is a little worrying, so I’d so much rather have my own coffee machine (plus it’s super cool to make people a proper coffee when they come to visit you).
  11. Live and work in another country for a year. Sounds a little extreme, but just imagine the look on your grandchildren’s face when they realise little old granny was a reckless, crazy thing once upon a time!
  12. Pay off my car. In the summer, I got rid of my old banger of a Clio and bought myself a gorgeous cream mini. Ideally, I want to pay it off in around 2 years.
  13. Be passionate about what I do. Part of me wants to be super high up in a marketing role working ridiculous hours and getting a ridiculous salary, whereas the other part of me wants my own little independent business, whereas another part of me wants an online business that I can run from anywhere. Whatever I end up doing – I just want to LOVE it.
  14. Take my parents on holiday.They’ve done so much for me throughout my life so far, so at some point, I would love to treat them and do something really nice for them for a change.
  15. Watch the Harry Potter films. (yes, you read that right, I’m a Harry Potter virgin)…
  16. Read The Game of Thrones books – my grandad gave me all the books a few months ago, I just need the time to start reading!!
  17. Go skinny dipping. I did this once when I was like 7 years old on holiday, but I wanna do it again. I’m going to Cornwall for NYE this year so maybe if I’m feeling a little reckless in the middle of the winter this could happen…
  18. Go to Disneyland. – I’ve never been, and no, you’re never too old for Disney.
  19. Get married. – Pretty self-explanatory this one.
  20. Throw my own fundraiser. We all have a cause close to our hearts and in the near future, I would love to hold my own fundraiser to support a charity I feel strongly about

I hope you enjoyed reading this! If you have any thoughts on what I want to achieve or have done any of the above yourself, don’t forget to jot down your thoughts in a comment before leaving!



ps. Look out for a post in about 10 years to see how much of this I accomplish haha.

pps. I blog here with Amy, check out her last post on her recent hair change!


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