A-Z of Christmas! 

Christmas is without a doubt in the world one of my favourite times of year. I love the season’s festivities, having time off work and being able to spend so much time with my family and friends. To bring this sense of festiveness to the blog, I’ve decided to do an A-Z of Christmas – I hope you enjoy!

Advent Calendar. The countdown officially begins on the 1st December when you open that first advent calendar window. I always find it incredibly hard not to eat more than one each day!

Boxing Day. For me, Boxing Day means turkey and cranberry sandwiches, pork pies and Christmas films.

Cheese. I LOVE cheese and love using Christmas as an excuse for eating as many cheese boards as I like without feeling guilty.

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Birthdays, Birmingham and Christmas Markets

If you read my previous post, 20 Things To Do In My Twenties, you’ll know that last Wednesday (the 7th), was my 20th birthday. I had the day off work, and what better way to spend it than welcoming the festive season by visiting the beautiful Christmas markets of Birmingham.


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20 Things To Do In My Twenties

I literally cannot believe that as of Wednesday, my teenage years will be over and I will be well on the road to adulthood – pretty daunting don’t you think??

There are so many things that I want to achieve within the next two years, so here’s my little mini bucket list of the 20 things on my list to do as a twenty-something-year-old!

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