From Dark Blonde – Silver / Grey

Welcome back!

So you can probably guess by the title of this post that I recently made the transition from dark Blonde to Silver/ Grey. I’m not going to lie, the whole process took a VERY long time. (5 hours in total) However, it was totally worth it and I am so pleased with the results. Im going to explain how they went about the whole process and show you the end result.


STEP ONE: Bleach my hair (not roots)

This was funny because my hairdresser had to take small parts of my hair, put them in foil, bleach the hair before laying another layer of foil on top.

It does make you look and feel very silly. The bleach is a blue colour which surprised me as I thought it was going to be clear/white.

STEP TWO: Bleach the roots

Next, she took all the foils off and covered all of the roots in bleach. This made my head VERY itchy. I was sat with the end of a comb constantly itching my head. By this time, your hair is COMPLETELY covered in bleach and you look utterly ridiculous.

STEP THREE: Apply the hair dye

After washing the bleach off and realising that I actually really like being bleach blonde she applied the Grey / Silver hair dye. This stayed on for about half an hour.

STEP FOUR: Re-apply the hair dye

After washing off the first set of hair dye, we saw that the dye hadn’t taken on my roots and a couple of areas of my hair. Therefore, we had to apply another coat of hair dye which she made a bit darker so it would take.

STEP FIVE: Wash out and style

After washing out the hair dye, we dried my hair and saw the amazing results. By this time, me hair was SO knotty it took me a good fifteen minutes to get all of the tangles out. We then styled and straightened my hair.

What do you think? Do you like it?

I couldn’t be happier with the results, I’m so glad that it is darker at the roots as it makes it look that bit more natural. Make sure you check out all of our recent posts as we have been posting quite a few recently.

Much love, xo



10 thoughts on “From Dark Blonde – Silver / Grey

  1. You for sure can pull off the silver look! Your hair dresser did really good. And your hair looks SO incredibly healthy for all that bleach being in there, holy moly thats awesome! Totally like the silver over the bleached blonde 🙂 Good choice!! How did you decide that you wanted to go silver?

    xo, JJ

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