Winter/Autumn – Why It’s My Favourite Time of Year

No doubt about it, I am one of those “crazy” annoying people who countdown the days till summer ends and autumn starts. I’m not sure whether it’s the crunch of the leaves or the cold weather giving me an excuse to buy pretty coloured wooly jumpers – either way, be prepared for this slightly stereotypical post (you’ve been warned!!).

  1. The excuse to drink tea all day every-day. Put me in 30-degree heat on holiday and I’ll still want a good cuppa Yorkshire tea (hands down the nicest tea ever). I’m so typically British in this area, next I’ll be off for afternoon tea with Liz at Buckingham Palace just you wait and see. img_9468
  2. Autumn colours. I LOVE them and they cause eternal Billie happiness. As soon as it hits September I long for the temperatures to drop and can’t wait for the seasons to change.
  3. “I have too many jumpers”, said no-one, EVER. I’m always cold (don’t be surprised if you see me in fluffy socks in the summer) so being able to cosy up in big, wooly, soft jumpers is my idea of heaven. img_9466
  4. Dare I mention, return of the PSL (that’s a pumpkin spiced latte if you’re not a coffee lover like me) and the famous red cups. My favourite Christmas drink is the gingerbread latte and I think I may even like it a little bit more than the PSL…but it’s a pretty close call.Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
  5. Christmaaaaassssss!!! We’ve all had the santa claus chat at some point in life and it definitely hasn’t lessened our excitement in anyway! I love that everyone has different Christmas traditions and their own way of celebrating it with their loved ones. I’m also super excited for a week off work.
  6. My birthday falls on the 7th December, so it really feels Christmassy after that. This year my teenage years will officially be over and I’ll be 20. The last couple of years have gone ridiculously quick but I’m quite looking forward to turning the page on my teenage years and embracing the life of a 20-year old (although I’m sure it won’t be any different).img_9261
  7. An excuse for staying in and snuggling up under the blanket, don’t mind if I do!!!
  8. Bonfire Night 100% has to be a reason for this time of year being my favourite! It’s so cute and exciting watching the fireworks explode brightly in the sky. You can read about my Bonfire Night here. 


img_9274Are you a lover of autumn and winter? Leave your reasons why in a comment below, I’d love to hear them! If it’s your first time here, both myself and my friend Amy post on this blog, you can hear all about our autumnal day out in St Albans here (it includes delicious waffles – you won’t want to miss it!).


Bills x

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10 thoughts on “Winter/Autumn – Why It’s My Favourite Time of Year

  1. You photograph so well! Love all the outfits. I’m definitely a fall girl I love the colors cool breeze and all things fall (sweaters, leaves, pumpkins) I can’t deal with freezing temps and snow. Snow is only acceptable on Christmas Day lol

    xo, JJ

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