Bonfire Night

Move over Halloween, without a doubt Bonfire Night is one of my favourite celebrations. Growing up, it’s almost been a tradition to wrap up warm and go to a firework display. This year, my boyfriend and I decided to go to the local Football Club in the next village along with some friends to watch a display.

After fuelling our bellies with a rather large Indian takeaway, we wrapped up in our layers (about 20 of them between us haha) and went to pick up some friends before meeting the rest of them there. We arrived about 10 minutes before the firework display started, and what a display it was! I love the excitement and anticipation of watching the fireworks shoot up towards the fire before exploding into beautiful colours.The football club had an external company come in to do the display and it was fantastic and exceeded all of our expectations by miles. As well as this, they had food vans selling burgers and doughnuts, so the smell was to die for.

Once the display was over, we went into the Football Club for a few drinks. We knew pretty much everyone our age there as we had all gone to the local school growing up, so it was nice to have a good socialise and catch-up with people since leaving school. On Friday, we had gone out clubbing with about 20 people and pretty much everyone who had gone was at the firework display too, so it was fun to hear all about everyone’s adventures coming back home!

With Halloween and Bonfire Night now over, I’m becoming slightly impatient for my birthday and Christmas! I am literally like a big kid, as soon as I hear Christmas music or see Christmas decorations I get so excited! My plan for today is to get my hands on one of those Starbucks red cups!!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and looking at the photos. You can read Amy’s last post about her trip to London to the theatre here, or have a little nosey into our autumnal day out in St Albans, featuring the best waffles ever! 


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