From Dark Blonde – Silver / Grey

Welcome back!

So you can probably guess by the title of this post that I recently made the transition from dark Blonde to Silver/ Grey. I’m not going to lie, the whole process took a VERY long time. (5 hours in total) However, it was totally worth it and I am so pleased with the results. Im going to explain how they went about the whole process and show you the end result.

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Top 5 Travel Bucket List


Travelling is a massive part of my life and something I love to do. I want to travel the world before I even start thinking about getting a proper serious career. Me and Billie are both very lucky and have travelled to many places already. You can read about our trips on the travel section of our blog.

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Winter/Autumn – Why It’s My Favourite Time of Year

No doubt about it, I am one of those “crazy” annoying people who countdown the days till summer ends and autumn starts. I’m not sure whether it’s the crunch of the leaves or the cold weather giving me an excuse to buy pretty coloured wooly jumpers – either way, be prepared for this slightly stereotypical post (you’ve been warned!!).

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