Day Out in St Albans

We work entirely different hours, so finding the opportunity to do something together can sometimes be quite challenging. We decided we needed a much needed girly day out, so Amy booked last Saturday off work and we ventured to St Albans, to visit the best waffle place around and have a little mooch around the city.



I picked Amy up, and we began the 50/60 minute journey down the motorway to The Waffle House, in St Albans. I am a HUGE lover of The Waffle House (you may have already read my previous post on it), and after telling Amy all about it which resulted in her wanting to go, we decided to make a day of it. We arrived to The Waffle House, waited in line for a table (there’s no bookings for lunch and despite always being so busy, the queue isn’t too much of a wait if there’s not many of you) and began working our way through the impressive (and mouth-watering) menu.


After much deliberation, I ordered the special which was hot apple sliced, with mixed berries, sweet spices and vanilla ice cream. I can vouch for it tasting as good as it sounds! It felt like the perfect flavours for autumn and left me with a very satisfied belly. Amy being Amy went for a PLAIN waffle with maple syrup. There’s the most delicious options on the menu (both sweet and savoury) and Amy goes for PLAIN, I feel as though her level of fussiness has been taken to a new extreme.



After leaving The Waffle House and pausing to take “autumnal” photos on the bridge outside, we headed towards a carpark in the city centre. It was market day, and was crazy busy! There was many independent shops (Amy pushed the boat out and treated herself to a paella pan) and we fell in love with the nicest shop ever called Raindrops on Roses. This is a gift shop, where all profits made go towards the fight against cancer. The stock is adorable and so quirky, and according to their website, they have raised over £135,000 for Herts against Cancer.







After a browse in the shops, we decided to head back to Amy’s (via Tesco to grab some pizzas for dinner) before our trip to the cinema in the evening to see Girl on the Train. Our reviews of the film are definitely positive. Amy was hooked throughout and had no idea how the story would unfold, however I have read the book so knew the events that would be unveiled at the end of the film.

Without a doubt, the films are never as good as the books, because no one else will ever create what you imagined when reading the book. For me, the film adaptation of Gone Girl was a HUGE disappointment in comparison to the book, and I was definitely expecting the same sort of reason for The Girl on Train. I would still agree with the fact that the book is better than the film, however I was pleasantly surprised when it came to watching the film. I thought the characters were casted really well and enjoyed watching the film. We would 100% recommend seeing the film, even if you have already read the book.

We hope you enjoyed reading! If you want to hear more about what we’ve been up to recently, find out how we got front row for Justin Bieber or hear about our trip to Cambridge for afternoon tea.


Amy & Billie x




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