Bieber Fever

We were pretty shocked when we managed to get our hands on Justin Bieber tickets for his Purpose Tour back on the release date. After the stress of trying on 2 laptops, 2 iPads and constantly refreshing the twitter search bar to find out where people had successfully got their tickets from, we succeeded in our mission and the excitement began! If you had told us back then that we would have been FRONT ROW, against the barrier and about a METRE from Justin, we’d have thought you were crazy! But it all happened and we’ve got the pictures to prove it…


There was 7 of us who went and we met in Birmingham in the late afternoon / evening the night before the concert to go out for dinner and have a delicious meal. We went to The Botanist, which is a super quirky restaurant which featured many plant pots and watering cans in their decor (and food presentation). The food is typical pub grub (they have an incredible range of pies) but absolutely insane, however the cocktails are even better with a list of cocktails longer than the food menu.

Billie opted for the special, which was 3 miniature pies (sweet potato & spiced lentils, chicken & chorizo and steak & stout) with mash, seasoned chips and mushy pies and gravy. We both had Cumberland and pork chipolatas with honey grain mustard. Amy had the chicken and chorizo pie as a meal on its own, and the baked chocolate chip cookie dough with salted caramel sauce and toffee ice cream for dessert.

It was our friend Hannah’s birthday the next day, so the restaurant kindly gave her a free dessert, which was the rocky road kebab, with strawberries, hazelnut brownie, marshmellow, biscuit sauce and chocolate crumb.

After dinner we ventured back to the Travelodge that we had for the night to get some sleep before adventurously getting up at 5am to get as close as possible.

We got to the Barclaycard Arena at ridiculous-o-clock (a.k.a. 6am) and were about 70th in line. Pretty impressive we thought considering there were people who camped?! Thank God we had a pop-up tent because the weather was absolutely horrendous and it was pouring with rain for a couple of hours.

The first 200 people in line were given a number at around 9am, and then once we had our number we could pretty much leave our things in the queue and venture off to keep warm/get food etc. This was a life saver as it meant we didn’t have to wait in the cold all day, and thanks to being given numbers, we are all lined up in the order that we got there in the morning before the doors opened.

We spent a lot of time in Costa (Billie had never been so grateful for a cuppa and a teacake in her life), and then ventured back to the hotel room at around 12/1pm to shower and spend a few hours all getting ready before having to give back our hotel room at 2pm.
Onto more exciting matters…… Bieber !!! Once inside the arena, we hastily made our way to the barrier despite the stewards’ attempt to slow us all down and ensured we marked our territory at the front. Before long, the first support act was on. Mic Lowry is made up of a group of (quite yummy) boys from Liverpool, and they were incredible. I urge you all to search them on Spotify, however listening to their songs really doesn’t do them justice once you’ve heard them live! They engaged with the crowd so well and everyone absolutely loved them.

After the second support art, it was time! First things first, the set and special effects were insane, there was smoke, lighting, water pouring from the ceiling and we can’t forget the giant trampoline over the crowd – what Bieber wants Bieber gets!


img_1437As for the man himself, wow where do we even begin? What words can describe it? The atmosphere was incredible and Justin Bieber is EVEN more beautiful when you’re 1 metre away from the man himself than ever before.

The performances were out of this world and the dancers were absolutely brilliant. Putting the whole experience into words is so difficult, but the feeling as we left the arena was full of pure excitement and the early start and lack of sleep was more than worth it. There’s no doubt about it, we would do it all over again tomorrow given the chance.

If you went to see him too, please let us know what you thought of the tour! Thank you so much for reading!

You can read our latest post all about Afternoon Tea in Cambridge here, and keep an eye out for our next one which will be up on the blog over the weekend!


Amy & Billie x


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