Afternoon Tea In Cambridge

Back in May, Billie treated me to afternoon Tea at Harriets Cafe Tearooms in Cambridge for my birthday. We booked to go on the 5th September and hopped in the car on the way to Cambridge.

Cambridge is a favourite for Billie and I so it was great that we could make a day of it. We had booked Afternoon Tea for 2:30, so we spent the first half of the day shopping and exploring the beautiful city. 

After Google maps sent us completely the wrong way, we eventually rocked up to Harriets and to our surprise we were only a couple of minutes late (our time keeping skills aren’t the best).

The interior and exterior of the Tearoom is so majestic and sophisticated without being over the top fancy. We sat down at our table and got to choose between EIGHTEEN types of tea and coffee. Yes, 18. They had such an amazing variety from English Breakfast Tea, to Orange Tea or Jasmine Tea. You name it, they had it. I settled for the standard ‘Harriet’s Special Blend’ and Billie opted for ‘Peppermint Tisane’.

There is a couple of options for Afternoon Tea, Billie bought us the ‘Special Afternoon Tea’ which was perfect for us.


It got brought out so quickly and was presented beautifully. The sandwiches were cut into cute little finger size bites and were obviously freshly made.

 After the sandwiches, we moved onto the scones. MY MY, the scones were to DIE FOR. Billie opted for scones with fruit and I went for plain (shock). They where so big, light and fluffy. On top of the sandwiches and scones they also brought out a selection of miniature patisseries and handmade macaroons, which were the most vibrant colours. By this time, we where pretty full however I did manage to eat a macaroon. I can say,they are truly delicious. 

We ended up taking the patisseries and macaroons home to enjoy later. As-well as the food being amazing, we could not fault the service. Everyone we came into contact with was very polite, friendly and helpful. This was unfortunately the end of our afternoon tea experience at Harriets, but we’ll definitely be back for more soon!

We spent the rest of the day shopping and spending money that we probably didn’t have. We honestly had such a nice day in Cambridge, made by how amazing the Afternoon Tea was and even better company.

Thank you so much for reading this post, again sorry for the lack of posts in the last couple of weeks hopefully I will be back in full swing from this week. Make sure you read Billie’s all time favourite TV series and keep your eyes peeled for our post on Monday all about how we got to the BARRIER for a Justin Bieber concert. Yes, you heard.

Much Love xo

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7 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea In Cambridge

  1. This is such a cute blog! I saw Cambridge and almost thought you were in Cambridge, MA (USA) and I was about to be like “where is this and how do I find this!” haha the tea shop treats looked so good. Macaroons *heart eyes!!!*

    xo, JJ

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