My Current Favourite Series To Watch

Yippee!! Winter is coming (This GOT reference is extremely relevant hence the title of this post), and what better way to celebrate than spending the weekend curled up under blankets, with endless supplies of tea and biscuits, binge watching! Knowing what series to watch next is probably one of the most difficult decisions, so take a read as I go through my favourites…

First things first, my apologies for missing a post last week, due to working full-time and studying part-time, this is my first day off since two weekends ago. It’s fair to say it’s been a little manic over the past couple of weeks!


Gossip Girl

If you love romance and a lot of drama, Gossip Girl is one of the best series for you. It’s super easy to follow and gives you an insight into the lives of teenagers from the Upper East Side in Manhattan. It’s great to binge and I always find it a really therapeutic thing to watch in the evenings after a long day. Anyone who has seen it, how much do you just love Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf?! I recently read an article where the creator of Gossip Girl said that Chuck and Blair were never supposed to date, but can we take a second to imagine a life where they never existed together?! I know a person who knows the actor, Ed Westwick, I think this means I can marry him.

Game of Thrones

Unlike Gossip Girl, I found this series a lot trickier to binge watch, purely because so much happens that you almost need a break from it to really take into account what has happened in the episode you have just watched. The series is based on books (my grandad gave me the whole collection last week – I need to find some reading time!!), and the general plot involves fighting to gain power throughout The Seven Kingdoms. It’s a story of SO MANY different characters within one plot, some of which you love, and some of which you absolutely hate with a passion. The series is set in late medieval times and my one piece of advice for ANYONE who begins to watch this, DON’T get too attached to the characters!


I’m a little behind on this one as it has just finished on ITV and I’m currently only on episode 5, but oh my god I love it !! I think Jenna Coleman is a very talented actress (she’s also been in Me Before You, Emmerdale and Doctor Who) and plays the role of Victoria very well whilst giving me complete and utter brow envy. It’s such an interesting series and I love the romance between Victoria and Albert. The very BEST part of it all, they’re rumoured to be dating in real life?! They’d make such a beaut couple.

Making a Murderer

So this one’s a little less light-hearted! I would 100% recommend this series, but you have to give it time to get into it. Be prepared to be left sceptical, angry and betrayed when watching this, but it’s a true storyline that can’t be missed. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be hooked and will probably experience high blood pressure levels whilst watching this series.

Stranger Things 

Watching this was definitely a leap out of my comfort zone! It’s a thriller, but at times I found it to be a little terrifying. This has such a strange, original plot but with that, I became so encapsulated and interested in it. During the first episode, I was desperately trying to get my boyfriend to turn it off as I was terrified, but I gave it time, and within no time it was me wanting to binge more episodes than him!

It’s a Netflix-original, and is set in a small town in 1983. When Will, a 12-year old boy goes missing, his mum launches a terrifying investigation with the local authorities. Whilst searching for the answers to Will’s disappearance, many extraordinary and supernatural mysteries are unveiled, featuring the Government and a very strange girl, Eleven.

Love Island

Throwing it back to the summer, anyone who read my posts back then would know just how in love I was with Love Island. Well good news for all us lovers, it might be coming back this winter as a special one-off. It will air over Christmas and will be set in a winter destination. I don’t think it’s been officially confirmed yet, but I’m already leaping for joy and the thought of another instalment of Love Island into my life so soon!!

My advice to anyone interested in these series – watch them!! They’re my absolute favourites and would thoroughly recommend to you all.

Thanks for reading lovelies, please don’t forget to drop your thoughts in a comment below, I can’t wait to hear from you!

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Amy Allure of a Girl x-2


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