Day Out in St Albans

We work entirely different hours, so finding the opportunity to do something together can sometimes be quite challenging. We decided we needed a much needed girly day out, so Amy booked last Saturday off work and we ventured to St Albans, to visit the best waffle place around and have a little mooch around the city.

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Bieber Fever

We were pretty shocked when we managed to get our hands on Justin Bieber tickets for his Purpose Tour back on the release date. After the stress of trying on 2 laptops, 2 iPads and constantly refreshing the twitter search bar to find out where people had successfully got their tickets from, we succeeded in our mission and the excitement began! If you had told us back then that we would have been FRONT ROW, against the barrier and about a METRE from Justin, we’d have thought you were crazy! But it all happened and we’ve got the pictures to prove it…

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My Current Favourite Series To Watch

Yippee!! Winter is coming (This GOT reference is extremely relevant hence the title of this post), and what better way to celebrate than spending the weekend curled up under blankets, with endless supplies of tea and biscuits, binge watching! Knowing what series to watch next is probably one of the most difficult decisions, so take a read as I go through my favourites…

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Summer Into Autumn Outfit Post

One of the biggest challenges in the morning for me is definitely deciding what to wear!! It’s the first day of October, and the weather is so challenging because recently, it’s been warm in the days, but so cold in the mornings and evenings. Because of this, I really wanted to put together a quick post with some outfit ideas for the awkward, transitional period between Summer and Autumn.

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