City Break to Edinburgh!

Another travel post you say?! I’m sorry about all of our travel blog posts recently, it seems to be the only thing we are posting about but I love writing them so much and having something to cherish.

I ( Amy ) have just come back from the most amazing weekend in Edinburgh with one of my closest friends, Tess. We decided to go to Edinburgh because my boyfriend went and fell in love with the country and he genuinely wouldn’t forgive me if I didn’t go before I left for New Zealand. So, on Friday 16th September we took the 55 minute flight from London Luton to Edinburgh at ridiculous o’clock in the morning.

Friday 16th September – 

We arrived in Edinburgh pretty early on the Friday as we had such an early flight, however after getting through the airport, taking the bus to the city centre and making our way to the hostel, it was around midday. We stayed in the Kickass Hostel and I have to say, it was a perfect location and had great rooms and toilets for the price we payed. We where pretty tired so decided to have a pretty chill day, so we headed out for lunch and then made our way to  Camera Obscura. Camera Obscura is an attraction in Edinburgh with five floors of optical entertainment and a great way to find out a lot about the city. We had so much fun in here, especially in the mirror maze and the moving tunnel.

After that, we went on a walk to the surrounding areas to get our bearings and then headed back to the hostel for a nap. That night, we went out for dinner and drinks but retired pretty early as we had 3 and a half hours sleep the night before.
Saturday 17th September – 

We got up early (ish) for a busy day. As we walked out of the host we saw there was a cute little market opposite selling everything from bread, olives and cakes, to scarfs, wood creations and rings. After having a look around we headed straight for the castle. We had to que for about 20-25 minutes but it wasn’t too bad. The castle itself was a bit of a let down for the price you payed. It was quite small and in all of the state rooms, there was no furniture and you could clearly tell that they had re done all of the rooms. However it was interesting to look at the prison and where all of the prisoners were kept. Tess also enjoyed a bit of whisky tasting. Recently they have started firing a canon at one o’clock everyday, however, we didn’t know this so we where walking to the exit wondering what all of these people where looking at and suddenly BANG! One of the loudest things I have ever heard and it scared the living daylights out of everyone.

After the castle we went for a walk around the royal mile and princess street. Princess street is the most amazing place to do some shopping. On the way back, we stopped at the market to get some Henna done as I had seen a girl doing it in the morning.

Earlier in the day, we had made friends with two guys in our hostel room, so after doing some shopping, we headed back to the hostel to start getting ready for the night. We ended up going out for dinner with them and then doing a bar crawl. It was honestly one of the funniest nights out I’ve had and we all got slightly too drunk. We called it a night at 4:30am.

Sunday 18th September –  

Waking up feeling a little bit worse for wear, we decided a hike up Arthur’s Seat was definitely not on the cards as we had planned. So instead, we headed to the zoo. It is only a 15 minute bus ride from the city centre so it’s very east to get to. We struggled around the Zoo all day but failed to keep awake so had to nap after the zoo. After our little power nap, we did MORE walking around, going to places that we hadn’t seen and exploring different areas.

That’s the most amazing thing about Edinburgh, you can spend hours (which we did) just walking around and taking in all of its beauty.

That night, after dinner, we decided to just go to the movies and watch Bridget Jones Baby (amazing by the way) and have a few drinks.

Monday 19th September – 

This was our last day in Edinburgh :(. We treated ourselves to a naughty breakfast on this day. We went to The City Cafe where I indulged in a three stack of American Vanilla Pancakes with Maple Syrup and a side of Hash Browns. Tess went for a three stack of Belgian Waffles with Maple Syrup, Bacon and a side of Hash Browns. I demolished it all, Tess however, did not. We the decided to do a city sightseeing bus tour.

These tours are in all of the major cities and are a great way to see the whole city and learn so much about the place you are staying. The Edinburgh one was great as there was only one route and only took an hour and a bit. After this, we decided we wanted to climb the Scott Monument.

The tower is 200 feet 6 inches (61.11 m) high, and has a series of viewing platforms reached by a series of narrow spiral staircases giving panoramic views of central Edinburgh and its surroundings. The highest platform is reached by a total of 287 steps. For some reason, we absolutely smashed this in about 15 minutes. Going up, down and taking photos. You honestly had the most amazing view from up the top, seeing all of central Edinburgh.

The day before we had spotted an Urban Outfitters, so after climbing the monument we quickly popped in before heading back to the hostel to get our bags and head to the airport.


1 – It’s quite expensive.
2 – Most little cafe’s and shops don’t take card, so make sure you have cash.
3 – Everything is in walking distance and they’re public transport is great.
4 – Stay in a hostel, you meet amazing people who really make your trip.

I honestly had the best time EVER in Edinburgh and wish we had more time so we could have gone to the coast and walked up Arthur’s Seat. I highly highly highly recommend Edinburgh to anyone, it’s a beautiful city packed with so many amazing things to do. I have completely fallen in love with the city and will definitely be back one day.

Until next time Edinburgh.

Amy Allure of a Girl x


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