The Waffle House – St. Albans

A restaurant where it’s acceptable to only order a dessert? This is 100% my kind of heaven! I really wanted to share with you The Waffle House, located in St Albans, Hertfordshire. I visited the restaurant for the second time last weekend with my boyfriend before he headed back to uni, and it’s an experience you won’t want to miss out on.

The Waffle House, a family business established since 1978, is located within a working 16th Century watermill, that overlooks the river Ver. They specialise in a range of breakfast, lunch and afternoon/early evening waffle dishes, both sweet and savoury Belgian which are cooked to order and are made with mostly organic and free-range ingredients, according to their website.

If you live locally to Hertfordshire, I would one million per cent recommend going here for lunch (I desperately need to try the scrambled eggs on waffles breakfast that they do)! I live in Bedfordshire, and the 50-minute drive is so so worth it. The Waffle House don’t take bookings for lunch, so it’s first come first served. There was only two of us, so we arrived, waited in the queue for a table and were seated within 10 minutes or so.

After being welcomed by the staff in their professional, yet relaxed and friendly manner, we took our table and decided on our choice of waffles. I have a bit of a sweet tooth, whereas my boyfriend prefers a savoury dish, and The Waffle House had the perfect menu to keep us satisfied! I went for the Hot Dutch Apple with sultanas, mixed spices and vanilla ice cream. Jack went for the Chicken and Watercress special, which was a diced free range chicken mayo salad with tarragon and sundried tomatoes. It was served with a honey mustard dressing, toasted sunflower seeds and fresh watercress. They were both delicious!!

I also thought the prices were so reasonable, our bill came to something like £22 and we both had a waffle dish and a pot of tea each. Definitely good value for money!

All in all, The Waffle House is an experience you can’t miss out on if you live close to it!


Amy Allure of a Girl x-2



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