My Holiday In Photos

A short and sweet one from me this week! For this post, I wanted to give you an insight (and the opportunity for you to be nosey) into my holiday in Menorca. It’s the most beautiful island and I had the most fantastic time, so I really hope that you enjoy looking at all the photos taken throughout the 2 weeks.

The highlights of my holiday included paddle boarding, reading and wine tasting (who doesn’t love a glass of vino???). Paddle boarding was great fun, especially because the water was so warm! It was also surprising easy which was great because although it was our first attempt, we looked like professionals!! I’m a HUGE bookworm, so absolutely love taking the time to indulge in reading some good books whilst away. This year, my choice of literature certainly didn’t disappoint, you can read my review of the books I read here! We went to the biggest winery on the Island, where they produced their own wines on the same piece of land where the grape vines are grown. As part of the tour, we got to try many of the wines, and also had dinner in the restaurant afterwards, which was DELICIOUS!

I’m also absolutely terrified of horses (hence why the horse-riding picture HAD to be included)!! The last time I rode a horse before this holiday resulted in me in absolute tears, so I was extremely nervous about getting back on a horse this time! I’m quite a determined person and be being afraid of riding the horse only made me want to do it more, so I felt extremely proud of myself afterwards and felt a great sense of achievement.

After a year in my first job working full-time, it’s crazy how much you appreciate having two weeks off! However, I am suffering from severe holiday blues and am already thinking about where I want to jet off next (when I’ve saved up for it that is!).

Thank you so much for reading!! If you want to hear more about a holiday, you can read Amy’s blog post all about her fantastic cruise around Europe here! 


Amy Allure of a Girl x-2



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