Sorry about missing a blog post last week, I was busy soaking up the sun. ( Haha )

So, if some of you have been reading from the start you’ll probably remember Billie doing this a while back. When she posted it I thought it was such a good idea, so I have decided to give it a go for myself.

Amy, bit of an obvious one, its my name & I love it. However at work I do have people spelling my name in all sorts of weird ways. (Aimee,Aime, Amii)

Billie. Billie is who I started this blog with and I am SO glad we did. It has turned into such a fun and exciting thing to do.

Cruise. Hands down my favourite type of holiday.

Dancing. I have danced since I was about three years old,unfortunately I don’t anymore, but I still love it and spend the whole of a night out dancing.

Elvis. We used to have a cat called elvis and unfortunately he passed away a year ago today. He was literally like my best friend ( yes, I know) and I loved him to pieces.

Friends. Friends are so important. I love spending time with them, whether its just a night in, going shopping or a night out, we always have a laugh.

Geordie Shore. NO ONE can deny how good Geordie Shore is. Even if you hate it, you love it really.

Holidays. With holidays for me, it doesn’t matter whether its a city break or a two weeks relaxing holiday, they are by far one of my favourite things. I love the fact that you can organise a city break at the last minute and have the best time ever. Alternately plan an amazing holiday for the summer where you can totally unwind. Read all about mine and Billie’s travels here!

Instagram. Instagram is my favourite social media platform. I love bring able to express myself in pictures.

Jake. Jake is the name of my boyfriend who currently lives in New Zealand. You can read all about my travel plans with him and around New Zealand here.

Krispy Kreme. Donuts are the *shit* bomb, especially Krispy Kreme.

Lingerie. Im guilty to spending too much money on underwear. Theres no better feeling than putting on some Lingerie and feeling fabulous. Am I right girls?

Makeup. Experimenting with makeup is so fun for me. I love being able to create different looks and transform the way you look.

New Zealand. Soon to start my new adventure over that side of the world and I can’t wait.

Orange Juice. My favourite drink to drink in the morning is orange juice, I could literally drink a whole cartoon in one go.

Paige Toon. She is my favourite author. Im not really a book worm however her books are so easy reading and I have nearly  read all of them.

Quavers. I LOVE QUAVERS. No joke, I could eat ten packets of them a day, but what is strange is that I actually dislike cheese?

Respect. I like to think I treat everyone with respect, as I would always want to be.

Shopping. Unfortunately, I’m a self obsessed shop-a-holic. Whether its going for a browse or for something specific I LOVE shopping.

Ted Baker. I am OBSESSED with Ted Baker.

Universe. I want to travel to every end of the globe.

Vodka. My favourite alcoholic drink, whether its in a cocktail, on it own or with a mixer, its my fave.

Waitress. Waitressing has been my occupation for 2 and a half years and I actually really enjoy it. Apart from when its really busy and people are rude haha.

X. Pass on this one ( Soz )

Youtube. I love watching and making youtube videos.

Zante. I went t0 Zante this year with my friends and it was one of the best weeks of my life.

Thanks so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a bit more!

Make sure you read Billie’s latest posts all about her holiday!
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Amy Allure of a Girl x




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