What’s In My Holiday Make-Up Bag?

Whilst you’re reading this, the chances are I’ll be soaking up the sun on a beach in the beautiful island of Menorca. With restrictions on weight and size of liquids when travelling, deciding what makeup to take on holiday can become just a slight challenge! I always find that my makeup and toiletries take up so much weight, so this year I’ve cut right down and only have the essentials with me, and here they are…


Maybeline Fit Concealer

I picked this product up the day before flying out in Boots after running out of my previous concealer. I’d never actually tried this product and didn’t even research into it before buying it, but I loved the packaging and branding so I guess that’s what attracted me to it! So far, my first impressions are good, and I find that it really matches my skin colour well and is a lovely consistency to blend into my skin. It also provides the coverage to cover my blemishes well.

Bare Minerals Blemish Remedy Foundation

Over the last year or so, so many people had been telling me about the Bare Minerals powders and how good they were for your skin, so I finally got round to buying myself one. I like this foundation and find that the colour stays really well on my face and it’s good for building coverage, however without using any oil control products, it does slip on my face in my t-zone and chin. At the minute, I’m using the Benefit Matte Rescue with it, but I really want to try the Bare Minerals Matte Primer, have you tried it and if so that are your thoughts? The foundation is made from lovely ingredients including aloe vera, which give it a lovely smell.

Nivea Moisturiser

I’ve written about this product in one of my previous blog posts because it literally is an absolute god send! I picked this product up one day when I was on the hunt for a new moisturiser, and after repurchasing it several times, it’s an all time favourite. I have oily skin, and in the past have found it difficult to find a moisturiser that has the perfect balance between moisturising and controlling oil for my skin. This product has it absolutely spot on, all for under a fiver. It’s also really refreshing and smells lovely.

Benefit Hervana Blusher 

Another Benefit product that really ticks all the boxes, this blush is the perfect tone for my skin and I’m so excited to see how it compliments a tan whilst on holiday! It’s a mix of the shades lucky shell, divine peach, heavenly rose and berry delight, and the idea is that you use your brush to swirl then colours together which creates a beautiful shade. It gives a lovely warm and girly finish.

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette 

I never travel anywhere without it and the pinky rose tones are perfect in the summer to compliment a tan! My favourite shades in the palette are Burnout, Lair and Factory.

Benefit Matte Rescue

I’m a huge benebabe, I love their products and love their fun and fearless branding. I am a fan of this product and find that it works really well with my Nivea Moisturiser to control the oil levels in my skin. It really does what it says on the tin, is a lovely texture to apply to the face and also smells beaut. How could this product not be included in my holiday makeup bag?!

Benefit Brows Zing

This product has literally lasted FOREVER, it’s literally the most cost effective product I’ve ever bought! I love using the wax to style my brows and the powder to fill them in. There’s also 2 handy brushes and a pair of mini tweezers (which are also very good) included. I’ve had my eyebrows shaped and tinted before going on holiday so that my brows looked good in the day, so I’ll be using this product if they need a little more in the evenings.

Benefit They’re Real Mascara

The final product from Benefit, I promise!! This mascara is raved about on the Internet, and really doesn’t disappoint. I had LVL lashes, so probably won’t even use my mascara whilst I’m on holiday but wanted to pack it just in case my lashes needed a little boost in the evenings.

 MAC Eyeliner Kohl

This eyeliner is really nice to apply to my lower lash line and makes my eyes look a lot bigger, so this was a holiday essential!

Urban Decay Setting Spray

This is another product certainly not shy from the good press and I’m simply another person who can vouch for it. I’m coming to the end of the bottle and can’t wait to buy a fresh one! I find that this product really helps with oily skin and gives a lovely finish to my makeup after spraying it. With hot evenings, this product was probably the first to be packed into my makeup bag!!

MAC Lipsticks in Velvet Teddy & Mocha

My two favourite lipsticks are these shades from MAC. The colours are beautiful and I find that they really compliment my skin tone. My only criticism for MAC is that I find that their lipsticks can be a little on the drying out side after having been worn for a while, so I always make sure I’ve got a lip balm underneath and keep one with me when wearing it.

Spa Ritual Cuti-Cocktail 

I constantly have gel on my nails so a good cuticle oil is as essential to me as a moisturiser! This one is my favourite, smells delicious and is also really easy to apply.
I hope you enjoyed reading this post my lovelies! You can read my previous post ( Outdoor Cinema / Cambridge Thai Festival ) here or Amy’s review of her HD Brows and eyelash extensions here! 

Lots of love,

Amy Allure of a Girl x-2

*I am on holiday at the time of posting this on the blog, so apologies in advance if I don’t reply to any comments straight away.


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