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So you can totally guess by the tittle of the blog post what this is going to be about. I recently got HD brows for the first time and got my second set of eyelash extensions done. I did touch on eyelash extensions slightly in our July Favourites, but I wanted to talk more in-depth about them and the procedure.

Eyelash Extensions

PROCEDURE – First of all I just want to say that I am the most fidgety and impatient person there is, ever. So for me, the procedure of eye lash extensions is pretty tedious. They start by asking you how long you want and if you want them natural or prominent. I went for a very natural look as I often don’t wear a lot of makeup. My natural lashes are 8 inches so the women applied 9 & 10 inches to my lashes. Next they put two eye patches taping down your bottom lashes, this is not very comfortable, but you get used to it after 15 minutes or so.


I then had to lay still for about an hour whilst they apply 3 eyelash extensions to each individual eyelash. To be honest, an hour flies by and because the lady who does my lashes is so lovely, we end up chatting for the whole time. When I first saw my lashes for the first time, I couldn’t believe it. They looked and still do look incredible. I had my first set done before I went to Greece and I got infills done last week. The infill period is usually 2 -3 weeks however mine lasted 4 weeks and she could still do infills instead of a whole new set.

A picture my friend took of me getting them done, haha!

CARING FOR THEM –  You do have to look after your lashes pretty well. They say try to not get them wet, rub your eyes, use products with oil in and liquid eyeliner is a big no. They also give you a little brush so you can brush them and keep them looking perfect. You have to be careful not to pull them out because you will pull your natural lashes out aswell, they will eventually fall out of their own accord.

PRICE –  For me, a whole set of eyelashes costs £55 and infills are £27. This is pretty much standard wherever you go.









Last week I got HD Brows for the first time and OH MY, THEY ARE AMAZING. I am obsessed!

HD Brows have been taking the market by storm over the past couple of months and I finally decided to give them a go.  Below is an explanation on HD Brows from the beauty in high-definition website. 

Our HD Brows Stylist will begin with an in-depth consultation to discuss size, shape and the look you want before beginning work on your bespoke brows.

Custom-blended colour is applied and whether we darken, lighten* or simply tone the natural colour of your brow hair, we’ll ensure your new brows complement your look, and your style. From there, we use our exclusive brow mapping formula to design your unique shape before using a combination of HD hair removal techniques to create it. Finally your brows will be perfected using our luxury make up collection – you’ll be given a mini make up lesson to help you maintain and make the most of your brows between appointments.

And don’t worry if there isn’t enough hair to create your perfect arch immediately, we’ll put you on a regrowth programme and work with you every step of the way to achieve the perfect brow for you.

THE PROCEDURE – Again, I requested a very natural colour and shape, therefore she went for dark brown and shaped them with a little, but not too extreme arch. I personally think this colour is a bit dark on me but everyone who I have spoken to says its perfect. It’s probably just me having to get used to the look of them. Firstly she tinted them with the special HD Brow dye. Then she went on to cut, wax, thread and pluck my eyebrows to get them in their perfect shape. All of this only took 30 minutes. It’s good to note that your eyebrows are sisters and not twins so they will never look identical.

CARING FOR THEM –  There is nothing particular you need to do for HD Brows to care for them. They usually last around 4-6 weeks and they say to try to not pluck or do anything to them, so when you get them redone, the stylist can do all the work. However, I cannot vouch for this yet as this is my first time getting them done.

THE PRICE –  HD Brows usually cost £25 across the board, however this does depends on the skill level of your artist.


A before and after, amazing right?
A cheeky no makeup, no editing photo with my Eyelash Extensions and HD Brows

Thank you SO much for reading this blog post and I hoped this helped anyone thinking of getting Eyelash Extensions or HD Brows. I 100% recommend them all and will be getting them done for a long time!

Let me know what your thoughts are and if you’ve had any good or bad experiences! Make sure to read Billie’s last post on her trip to Cambridge and a Thai food festival! 

Amy Allure of a Girl x



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