Charlotte Crosbys 3 Minute Bum Blitz

Welcome back! Amy here, sorry this post is a day late!

I’m pretty sure a lot of you will know what I’m talking about but incase some people don’t lets give a little low down on who Charlotte Crosby is –

  • She is best known for being a cast member of MTV’s reality show ‘Geordie Shore’ which she has starred in since 2011.
  • Back in August 2013, Charlotte entered the Celebrity Big Brother house and took the crown.
  • Crosby’s autobiography, ME ME ME, was published in July 2015.
  • On the 26 December 2014, Charlotte released her first fitness DVD entitled “Charlotte’s 3 Minute Belly Blitz” to an overwhelming success.
  • The following year on 26 December 2015, she released her second Fitness DVD entitled, “Charlotte’s 3 Minute Bum Blitz”.
  • She has just realised a new book called ‘Live Fast, Loose Weight’


Basically, she has done VERY well from being in ‘Geordie Shore’.
I had heard so much about her fitness DVD’s that I decided to give them a go. Most of you won’t know that up until about March this year I have danced my whole life, several times a week, so my general fitness was very good. Unfortunately, at my old dance school, you could only stay until you where 18 and then you had to move on. Since then, I haven’t taken part in any specific exercise, I would just do random classes and runs here and there. I recently started to feel how unfit I was getting, so decided to give these DVD’s a try.


I have only tried the ‘Bum Blitz’ so far and it consists of 12, 3 minute routines and I take the approach of doing the warm up and then seeing how many 3 minute routines I can do until I’m about to pass out. This DVD focusses on three main areas, cardio, abs, bum and BOY DO YOU FEEL IT. So far, the most amount of routines I have been able to do is 8 but each day I do it I am increasing the amount which shows progress. Because I work silly hours at the weekend, I can only do it Monday to Thursday so I make sure I do a workout everyday in the week. I come out of it sweating my brains out and aching. (This is when you know its working)

How Bum and Belly Blitz changed Charlotte’s life…

Along beside working out I have changed my eating patterns. My go to breakfast used to be Coco Pops, I still love them, but they are no good for setting you up for the day. Instead, I have now switched to either Poached Egg on toast, Multigrain Hoops or Strawberry Crips with milk or yogurt (Wholegrain oats and crisped rice curls with strawberry pieces). For snacks during the day I am making sure I’ve got plenty of fruit and Muesli bars. For dinner I used to eat a lot of pizza (guilty) so I am cutting out the pizza and eating a lot more fish and swapping my chips for new potatoes. I am not completely having a whole new lifestyle and diet but I am just making a few small changes that make me feel a lot better and healthier.


Overall, I am really impressed with her DVD’s. I didn’t know whether they where just going to be so hyped up because of who she is and be a bit useless, but I am so pleased with the results I am seeing so far. My Legs and Bum already seem so much more toned.  The only downside I would say is that sometimes it is hard to follow, but when you do them many times a week, you get the hang of it.

You can buy the DVD’s in most supermarkets, Amazon etc and they go for around £13 each.

Thanks so much for reading this post, let me know if you have tried her work out DVD’s and what you think! We’ve had a blog makeover, what do you think?! Also, make sure you read Billie’s latest post on her date night outfits!

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Amy Allure of a Girl x






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