Go Out More Often! – Our Summer Plans

We heard on the grapevine that Eventbrite were doing a huge campaign called ‘Go Out More Often’, which they abbreviated to ‘GOMO’! They were asking people to share their summer plans, and with the exciting Summer that we’ve got going on, how could we resit joining in on the fun?!

img_9841So the whole purpose of GOMO is spending your hard-earned cash on experiences in life and enjoying yourself, rather than spending it on material objects and possessions. So, between us both, here’s our list of our summer adventures that we wanted to share with you!

  1. Rome. Billie started her summer in the most memorable way possible! A trip to Rome. Everyone who’s been to Rome says the same thing, you can’t appreciate and even begin to comprehend how amazing and beautiful it is, until you’ve been. If you’re interested, you can read my full post on it here!
  2. City Breaks. Earlier in April Amy enjoyed a city break in Barcelona with her boyfriend and she has got Edinburgh planned for later this year with a very good friend. There is nothing better than going to a city for a few days and exploring it from top to bottom.
  3. A Wedding. Billie attended the Wedding of one of the girls that she works with in June, and it was absolutely beautiful.
  4. Holidays. Amy is lucky enough to have two holidays booked this year, at the time this post goes out, she will have just come back from a week soaking up the sun in Greece and she has got a family Cruise planned for August.
  5. Electric Daisy Carnival. This was an insane experience for both of us, and definitely was worth spending our hard-earned cash on! It’s one of the largest dance festivals in the world, and you can read our full post on it here.
  6. Center Parcs. Last weekend I went to Center Parcs for the weekend with my boyfriend  and his family to celebrate his Nan & Grandad’s 50th Wedding Anniversary! It was action-packed and fun-filled, and once again, you’ll be able to find my full post about it here. Amy also visited our local Center Parcs at Woburn Forest a few weeks to spend time with her friends and take time to relax in the spa.
  7. Cambridge. For Amy’s birthday, Billie treated her to an afternoon Tea in Cambridge. We both share the love for Cambridge (and afternoon Tea) so this is going to be a lovely day.
  8. Surprise. Billie’s boyfriend has planned a surprise day out at the end of this month! She has absolutely no idea what it is… so what this space!
  9. Peach Fest. Amy recently enjoyed a HUGE work party! Its also really important to spend time with your work friend outside the work place and enjoy each others company. You can read all about the party here.
  10. Family Party. Every year, one side of Billie’s family (includes all distant relatives) has a HUGE get together, and for the 2nd time running it’s at her house. She’s super excited for it and can’t wait to see the family she hasn’t seen for a year.
  11. Family Days. There is nothing nicer than enjoying a family day out or celebration. Amy recently enjoyed a Christening and a surprise Birthday party. Its really important to have quality time with your family.
  12. Menorca. Towards the end of the summer, Billie will be off to Menorca for two weeks for some sunshine (this seems to be pretty non-existent in England at the moment).
  13. Weekend Away. In September, just before he goes back to University, Billie and her boyfriend are thinking of planning a little weekend away, maybe Wales or Cornwall?

Eventbrite are more than happy to help you plan your local event. Check out there page for event planning online to start your event. They support ticket sales and a variety of other features, including free options for non-profits.


So this is how we are spending our summer and making sure we Go Out More Often. What are you plans? After all, its the memories that will stay with you.

Thanks for reading!

Amy Allure of a Girl x-3


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