Welcome back everyone!

As this post goes live I (Amy) will be soaking up the sun in gorgeous Greece. I didn’t want to miss a post so I made sure I scheduled one!
So much has happened since I posted my last blog about me going over to New Zealand (You can read that blog post here if you have no clue what I am going on about) so I thought I better update you.

In the last post it was left that my boyfriend was about to go off travelling for two months, I hadn’t booked my flight or got my visa and the plan was to go over in January. Well, two months later, he has done his travelling, come back and is currently on the plane on the way home (literally) to New Zealand. I have booked my flight and am waiting on my visa to be accepted. However, I have decided to push my moving date forward to November. Yes, November, as in like the November that’s only three and a half months away. HOW EXCITING!

Theres a couple of reasons I decided to go over earlier, I didn’t want to wait 5 months before I could see him, I also want to see the whole of the New Zealand summer and if I can, why wait? Whilst he was travelling we coped with the distance really well, obviously he was only a couple of hours away so the time difference wasn’t an issue. Yes, it was tough at times but to be honest the two months flew by and he was back before I knew it. Now however, he is going to be over the other side of the world with a 12 hour time difference and its for a longer period.

I am flying out early November and I couldn’t be more excited. I booked with STA Travel and ended up getting a really good deal. I have two stop overs, both lasting three hours, which I think is a good amount of time to stretch your legs, go shopping, get some food and catch up on the world. My flight ended up being £592 but I had a £50 STA Travel voucher so it only cost me £542. Trust me, that is not expensive at all for a flight over to New Zealand. I highly recommend STA Travel, they do special deals for students and under 26’s which I think is such a good idea. STA Travel are more than happy to help you in finding your perfect flight/holiday/tour. When my boyfriend was booking his flight home we spent about an hour and a half in one of their stores and they helped him find his flight. (They also loved the fact he was from New Zealand.)

On to the visa, I applied for a two-year United Kingdom working holiday visa. The cost was 208 New Zealand Dollars which converted to £120. I thought this was pretty cheap for a two year visa. Also the application for the visa is really straight forward. However it hasn’t all been plain sailing. I got an email a couple of days after submitting my application saying I need to go for a full medical examination and a chest X-ray. The annoying thing about this is that Immigration New Zealand only allow certain doctors and hospitals to do it, you can’t just go to your local one. There is a couple in London, a couple in Birmingham, Bristol, Essex etc. Also the cost is HUUUUGE (£325). Another annoying thing is that they only give you 15 days to get the appointment done and send all the results over, for me, this was a huge panic because of going to holiday to Greece, but I luckily managed to get an appointment in London just before setting off. You only have to have this examination if you are going for more than 12 months and I completely understand why they do it. I actually think its very good, but just came as a bit of a surprise.

Baring in mind everything goes okay with the visa, everything should be sorted so I am starting to think about a job, phones, tours etc. I know I want to travel a bit before I get a job and I definitely want to have Christmas off. I do not want to work in hospitality when I am out there because I won’t have any free time. I also want to do a New Zealand tour a few weeks after arriving there.

This time round is going to be a lot harder but in times like this, you just have to stay positive. If you go around with negative thoughts in your head then you’re bound to fail. If its meant to be, it will be.

‘Believe you can and you’re half way there’ – Theodore Roosevelt

I will update you with all of my plans and progress whenever feels necessary, it will probably be before I head off!

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Thanks for listening to me ramble!

Amy Allure of a Girl x






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