BONJOUR! Welcome back, Amy here!

So as some of you may know, I work in a restaurant and once a year we close all of the pubs for the evening and have a MASSIVE party! This year I decided to take my GoPro and film the night. By filming the night I actually mean filming for about the first two hours and then getting fed up of carrying it around so putting it in my tent.

The theme this year for ‘Peach Fest’ was America as it was on the 4th July. Our pub’s theme was Grease. Being the organised self I am I decided to order my costume well in advance incase it didn’t fit. Firstly I ordered a costume which was when sandy was a cheerleader. This costume came and it was absolutely TINY. Literally my whole bum was on show, so this costume went back. After the first failure I ordered an american diner girl costume, wanting to be a bit different. This costume came and it was absolutely MASSIVE. Feeling very *pissed off* annoyed I gave in and went for the classic pink Lady costume. I paired it with a black A line skirt and a black long sleeved crop top as the weather was due to be nice.


After setting up our tents, drinking and socialising (and eating) they opened the big circus where we all took our places to watch the circus perform. The acts where absolutely incredible. You can see some footage of them in my video below. Flipping, diving and hanging from a rope, we all watched with our mouths wide open. After this came the dance off so each pub went one by one to perform their ‘rehearsed’ dance for 30 seconds. We didn’t win, shocker.


After this is when the party began, the bar opened and the Dj’s started playing. We partied until about 2am singing our hearts out to each song as if we where Adele and dancing as if we were Chris Brown. There is no better feeling than being surrounded by people you care for whilst having the time of your life. LOVE IT.


Of course because we were camping, any chance of sleeping before 3am is well and truly NOT going to happen. Me and Simone, a friend who used to work at the pub sat and ate Sour Cream and Onion Pringles until about 4am.


And this is where the night ended, feeling slightly worse for wear the next morning we made our way home at 8am. Yes, 8am.

Thanks so much for reading, you can watch the video I made of Peach Fest below and don’t forget to check out our June Favourites. 

Mwah xo

Amy Allure of a Girl x


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