Things That Keep Me at My Happiest 

“Being happy never goes out of style”Lilly Pulitzer

Here’s the top things that make me happy in life! I hope you enjoy reading.

1. My family. There is absolutely nothing that makes me happier more than spending time with my loved ones. You could say I’m quite lucky because I literally get on with my siblings (two younger brothers aged 17&14) like a house on fire and my boyfriend gets along with them both so well too. Family days/meals out ALWAYS results in absolute laugher.

2. My boyfriend. We’ve almost been together for 2 years and it’s the happiest 2 years of my life. I can’t wait to see what excitement the next two years will bring!

3. Socialising with friends. Whether it’s coffee, lunch or a complete day, there’s nothing like a girly catch up!

4. My Passport. It’s pretty amazing how happiness one document can cause?! I love the feeling of stepping off a plane and exploring new places. Plus, due to England’s tendency to rain, our passports can give us sunshine we can rely on – happy happy happy!!

5. Good makeup/hair days. We all love it don’t we girlies !!

6. My job. I am coming towards the end of my marketing apprenticeship in the beauty industry and I absolutely love it. It’s so rewarding when you see your marketing efforts paying off.

7. Tea. Huge fan of tea, it really is the source of all happiness and there’s nothing more comforting than a cuppa when you’re feeling down.

8. Blogging – it’s so fun & everyone is so so lovely!!! It’s such a feeling of accomplishment when your writing/blog gets complimented on or a post performs really well!

9. Series. I get so attached to series and ALWAYS have to finish them, it makes me feel so uneasy if I ever stop watching a series and didn’t finish it, even if it’s awful ( sounds a little OCD doesn’t it). At the minute, I’m loving Love Island, Gossip Girl & Game of Thrones ( I was a little late on the band-wagon so I’m only on season 5)!

10. My car. For the previous two years I had a bit of a banger, and because I travel so much to work and to Oxford where my boyfriend is at uni, I really needed something more efficient and reliable. I bought a cream Mini One in May and it’s literally bae. I’m still having to pinch myself to work out whether I’m dreaming or not!

I absolutely love doing the things that make me happy because there really is nothing more rewarding! I hope you all enjoyed reading this post, I’d love to hear your thoughts so don’t forget to leave a comment – let me know what you love doing that makes you happy!


Amy Allure of a Girl x-2


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