Our June Current Favourites

Thanks to £900 coming out my (Billie) account this month (car insurance I hate u), I haven’t really bought a lot this month, but don’t worry, you’re still going to get the low down on the things that I’ve been loving!

Also, I (Amy) haven’t really be loving too much this month because I simply haven’t tried anything new. If I’m completely honest I have spent all my spare money on holiday clothes haha.

Bare Minerals Anti-Blemish Remedy Foundation 

(B) This is probably one of the only things I’ve treated myself to this month?! I had been on the look out for a new foundation for a while after getting bored/fed up with using MAC Studio Fix Fluid. I wanted something that would work better with my oily skin whilst looking more natural and giving me my desired coverage. I really wanted to test the foundation out for a few weeks before giving it a complete review on the blog, but after all the positive thoughts, it really deserves a mention as one of my favourite products for the month!

Nivea Lip Butter – Raspberry Rose 
(A) I know this lip balm craze has been and gone and I actually brought this product along time ago. However, with the horrendous weather, my lips recently have been really dry. So I was digging through my lip balm draw and came across this Nivea Lip Butter which I once used to love. Since starting to use it again I have fallen back in love with it. The smell is divine and it is so creamy and moisurising on the lips.

Love Island 

(B) I was so excited for this series to start again ( I think it was even mentioned in my previous current favourites) and wow we have not been disappointed?! It’s so entertaining and addictive to watch! My personal favourites are Nathan and Cara, they’re both absolutely hilarious and definitely should the favourites to win at this stage in the programme!  As a viewer, I love the app that they created for this year’s series, it builds so much excitement and is really interactive as we can vote on our favourite Islanders and in the fun polls.

LVL Lashes 

(B) I haven’t worn mascara in over 2 weeks, thanks to the LVL Lash treatment that I had done! LVL’s are a tinting and perming treatment that costs around £45 and enhances your natural lashes. This is a fantastic treatment for going on holiday ( beats having trust issues with your waterproof mascara ) and for a special occasion, as it gives your lashes a really natural curl. This is my before & after picture, but obviously after a day or so the lashes separate and look fuller.

Maybelline Master Ink – Matte
(A) I literally brought this eye liner in a dash because i had about 2.5 minutes left on my car parking and desperately needed an eyeliner. I ran up to the maybeline counter and grabbed the first liquid eye liner I saw. I am now SO glad that I picked this one up because it is absolutely amazing. They have two versions of the Master Ink, Matte and Shiny, I opted for the Matte. The brush is small and doesn’t collect to much product which really helps with application. The staying power of the eye liner is also amazing, only smudging slightly if I get a bit hot, otherwise not smudging at all. ( I recently had a spa day and went in all of the hot steam and sauna rooms with eyeliner on and it only left a tiny mark on my brow bone.)

MAC Mocha 

(B) This lipstick isn’t brand new, but I’ve particularly enjoyed wearing it this month and have received many compliments on the colour of it. I absolutely love the colour of this product, however my only criticism would be that I find it quite drying when it’s on it’s own, so I usually wear a moisturising lip balm underneath.

Despite not having spent the majority of my wages on makeup/clothes/holidays this month, it’s been incredibly fun! I’ve had a Hen Do, a Wedding and a very posh family meal out to celebrate birthdays! I’ve got quite a few things on my wish list for when I get paid, so hopefully next month I’ll have lots of reviews for you all!

Kylie Jenner Lip Kit – Posie K
(A) Again another products where the hype has kind of been and gone. (CATCH UP AMY!) I did write a whole blog post on her Lip Kits which you can read here. However a short and sweet version of this is that the staying power, pigmentation and texture are all incredible. Enough said.
 Thanks for reading all about our June Current Favourites! Don’t forget to catch up on our most recent posts whilst you’re here! Would love to hear your thoughts on our post, drop a comment below or tweet us!
Lots of love,
Amy Allure of a Girl x-3

10 thoughts on “Our June Current Favourites

  1. Great post!!! I have been wondering about whether or not I should buy the Kylie Jenner lip kits , so I’m going to check out your other post (and follow :))

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