Our July Favourites

Hello lovelies! Can you believe that it’s the end of the month again already?! It’s time to have our little rave about all those things that we’ve been loving in July, and believe me we’ve been busy little bees. Where do we even begin?!

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Go Out More Often! – Our Summer Plans

We heard on the grapevine that Eventbrite were doing a huge campaign called ‘Go Out More Often’, which they abbreviated to ‘GOMO’! They were asking people to share their summer plans, and with the exciting Summer that we’ve got going on, how could we resit joining in on the fun?!

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Welcome back everyone!

As this post goes live I (Amy) will be soaking up the sun in gorgeous Greece. I didn’t want to miss a post so I made sure I scheduled one!
So much has happened since I posted my last blog about me going over to New Zealand (You can read that blog post here if you have no clue what I am going on about) so I thought I better update you.


Electric Daisy Carnival

On Saturday the 9th July, we attended the much anticipated event, Electric Daisy Carnival. We don’t live far away from Milton Keynes, so this was an opportunity that we absolutely couldn’t miss out on! It was a day filled of music, dancing, laughter and many alcoholic beverages. EDC is a worldwide dance festival extravaganza, most famously held in the UK, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Orlando.

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