Raspberry Reggae Rush 

Surprise! We’re blogging on a Wednesday for a change because it’s our first ever blog post that we’ve written together!

On Saturday night, we let Amy  loose (she usually works every Saturday night), got all dressed up and went for cocktails with two of our closest friends.

We went to Turtle Bay in Milton Keynes, which is a Caribbean-styled bar/restaurant and started the night with some Raspberry Reggae fun, which was made up from white rum, raspberries, fresh lime and soda. Some other cocktails that we tried included ‘Carribean Pimms’ (Pimms, fresh mint, strawberries, cucumber, lime, ginger, orange & passion fruit) and ‘One Love’ (passion fruit liqueur, Blackwell rum, fresh passion fruit and coconut, Martini style). Billie also proceeded to call the ‘One Love’ cocktail a ‘One Dance’. Safe to say our bartender was very amused at this and came back with ‘that’s a song, love’. Billie also managed to lose half an eyelash when sneezing, which was another amusement during the night!

This is how the night started!
And this is how the night ended!!

The brilliant thing about Turtle Bay is that EVERY night, 5pm-7pm and 10pm-1:30am, it is HAPPY HOUR! Cocktails are known for being expensive but this makes the night a lot cheaper (and you can get very merry, for less).

After consuming six cocktails each, we were feeling that drunken McDonald’s desire and were ecstatic when Jack (Billie’s boyfriend) came to the rescue satisfying our needs.

We hope you enjoyed reading our first, of many, blog posts together.
Now people might actually think we are friends and do things together!

We are still quite new to this so we would love it if you could follow us on twitter – @allureofagirl

Happy Wednesday,

Amy Allure of a Girl x-3



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