Hello! Sorry I missed a post last week, I was super busy working all week, but fear not, I’m back!

Recently I have been trying out a few new products, so today I want to have a chat about what I’ve been loving!

Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray – 
Yes, I know what you’re all thinking, ‘Amy, the hype for this product was about a year ago’ and trust me, I know. However I never used to purchase high end makeup, I would always stick to drugstore. So when I decided to start branching out and trying different products this was one of the first purchases I knew I wanted to make. This setting spray is amazing. Like, seriously. If I go out for the night, I will come back and my makeup will be almost identical to how it was when I left the house. It is 100% worth the money.
Smash Box Photo Finish Foundation Primer – 
So at £25 I felt a bit upset about purchasing this, but I am SO glad I did. I never used to wear primer, I never saw the point / understood what it did. However this primer creates such a lovely base for your foundation and it feels like your foundation is being spread evenly and not clumping in certain areas. This one doesn’t have any oil/redness control, this is purely a face primer, however smash box has got a range of primers to suit anyones needs. You also only need a dot and a dot goes A LONG way, so it lasts for a very long time. Highly recommend.
‘BLINC’ Liquid Liner Pen – 
Most of you have probably never heard of this brand. ( Or I’ve been living under a rock ) I hadn’t either until my aunty gave me this eyeliner for Christmas. She used to run a beauty salon so she had many products to give away. I kept this product in my draw for a few months ( Gross I know ) until I started using  liquid liner more. MY WORD, its amazing ( At the start ). The brush is so small and fine that you can get a thin or thick line, same with a wing. The staying power is also incredible, it doesn’t move/smudge all day. Unfortunately there is a couple of downfalls, as it gets used more and more, some of the bristles become displaced and stick out ( this becomes very annoying ). Also, it clumps at the top and on the brush, so you have to ‘de-clump’ before using it. These are two very small things but they do become very annoying and let the product down slightly.
Benefit They’re Real Mascara – 
Again, I know I have completed missed the bandwagon for this product but I could never justify the price. However, I recently brought it and it is worth every penny. I don’t have very curly lashes unfortunately but this does give them a bit of extra curl and a whole loada length and volume.
Loreal Super Liner Brow Artist Plumper – 
This product is 100% one of the best products I have ever purchased and it is super super affordable. I have the clear brow jel but they also come in different shades. I apply this once I have put my powder on my eyebrows and they do not budge for the whole day. When most of my makeup has come off at the end of my working day, my eyebrows will still be the same as they where when I did them in the morning. No exaggeration.
Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colour – 
I’m not usually one for liquid lipsticks because they are known to be quite drying, however this one is an exception. I have a purple colour ( they don’t have the shades on the lipstick container ) and it is a gorgeous colour. The lipstick is so pigmented and when applying the product it goes on so smooth and evenly. The staying power of the lipstick is also incredible, I can wear it for hours on end and it won’t fade one bit.
So those are a few products I have been loving recently!
Let me know if you have tried any of them or if there is any products I should try.
Lots of Love, Amy xo

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