Rome, A Trip I’ll Never Forget

There are no words in this world to explain to you how incredible my trip to Rome last weekend was. The city was BEAUTIFUL, full of culture, gave breathtaking views and of course filled our hungry bellies with the most delicious food. Out of all the cities that I’ve ever been to, Rome is without doubt my absolute favourite and I would fly back again tomorrow given the chance.

We spent three days and two nights in the city. We had to get up in the early hours of the morning (we wanted to get the most out of our first day) and landed in Rome just before midday and made our way to our apartment. We decided to rent an Airbnb apartment because hotels in Rome seemed unsurprisingly expensive for what they were. We were not disappointed with the apartment, it had everything that we needed and was only really a place to sleep as me and my boyfriend spent every possible minute exploring the glorious city!


Luck was definitely on our side last weekend as the weather was glorious with highs of 28 degrees and it definitely made the weekend. The most satisfying feeling in the world is definitely stepping out of a plane and feeling a surge of warm air around you.

Before even mentioning the beautiful sights of Rome, I would recommend to anyone visiting Rome to look at getting the train to and from the airport into the city rather than the taxis. The taxi will offer a fixed rate into Rome from either of the airports, but if its just as easy for you to get public transport, I would urge you to save the money (every bit of cash for spending comes in handy when in Rome haha). Once you’re in Rome, get the Roma Pass. For something like 36 euros, you’ll get use of all public transport in Rome, get into 2 attractions/museums and get access to other discounts. You can pick this up from the airport or from pretty much any train/metro station in Rome. Despite there being public transport, you walk A LOT so don’t forget comfy shoes!

Once dropping off our bags at the apartment, me and Jack ventured towards the Trevi Fountains, one of the most iconic sights in Rome. No pictures can justify the size or beauty of the fountains, but as you can imagine, it was completely full of tourists! Making our way through the crowds, we waited for a seat, had our photo taken and threw our pennies over our shoulders and into the water – without forgetting to close our eyes and make our wish.

By Day



By Night

My boyfriend is a bit of a pizza lover, so he was delighted to find a shop nearby that offered pizza by the slice! This was our first taste of Italy, and it certainly didn’t disappoint! We ate our pizza slices (you get a huge one cut into two) on the steps directly opposite the fountains, a great place for people watching!

Next stop, the temple dedicated to the Gods or more commonly known as the Pantheon,which is one of the most well preserved buildings of Ancient Rome. I have to admit that architecture isn’t something that particularly interests me, I much prefer learning about the history of things, however the Pantheon left me amazed regardless and it was impossible not to admire its beauty as a building.


Next, we headed over to Piazza Navona, where I experienced my first of many scoops of Gelato! This is one of the most well-known and popular squares in Rome and features 3 magnificent fountains.


It’s an amazing and surreal place, because you’ll be walking along as if it is any other city in Europe, and all of a sudden the streets will open up and you’ll be surrounded by ruins. It literally is a city built around ruins, which makes it such a breathtaking and incredible place to visit because it’s truly unique and will be like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Ruins in the middle of the City


The first night we ate in Trastevere, one of Rome’s favourite neighbourhoods just over the Tiber river. The side streets are full of beautiful restaurants and acts perform along the streets and in the squares. We ate pasta, drunk wine and soaked up the last of the evening sunshine whilst looking onto the square watching the tourists and performers – I’m reminiscing and wishing I was back there so much!!

Our second day in Rome was my favourite. We knew perfectly well what the Colosseum looked like, but that couldn’t prepare me for how speechless it left me. We paid for a tour guide so that we could find out all about the history, which is something that I would definitely recommend because it has the most surprising  and interesting stories associated! It was the most incredible, beautiful and magical building that I’ve ever had the chance to witness and it’s a sight I’m sure I’ll never forget.




The ticket to enter the Colosseum also includes entry to Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum, a short walk away, and another chance for our tour guide to fill our brains with as much knowledge and history as possible. The Palatine Hill and ruins in the forum were beautiful and we saw where the famous Julius Caesar was cremated.



I then enjoyed a delicious lunch at a place called (much to my amusement) Eataly, where I experienced my first proper Italian coffee.


Unfortunately, the Spanish Steps were being restored whilst we were in Rome, but that didn’t stop the tourists from crowding in their masses to get a glimpse of the beauty.


We had a delicious (but very expensive) dinner in a restaurant in Piazza Navona. We ate like true Italians, managing 3 courses without including dessert! The Bruschetta was insane thanks to the taste of the tomatoes and we tried a twist on the traditional spaghetti bolognese by having veal meatballs, which left us disappointed once they had all been eaten! After this, we brought some Gelato and sat in the square for an hour of so chatting, people watching and watching the locals singing and dancing outside the restaurants.

The next morning, all of the walking was definitely taking its toll on us! We woke early, packed up our things ( we packed super light, a small bag each) and headed off to Piazza Del Popolo, which was linked to the Pincio Hill Gardens. Once in the Gardens, we found a gorgeous little cafe which sold the most delicious pastries!

our view of Piazza Del Popolo from the Gardens


We headed over to the Castle of the Holy Angel to do a little more exploring before our tour of the Vatican City.


Selfie at the Top of the Castle!

Last, but certainly not least, we began our our of the Vatican City, which exceeded my expectations in every way possible. This is where we experienced St Peter’s Square, the Basilica, the extremely famous Sistine Chapel and the Vatican museum.




This is another opportunity to learn about the culture of Rome, so we paid for a tour to find out about the history of the Vatican and the famous painted ceiling of the Sistine Chapel (and skip the lines, which was a MAJOR perk!!) If you’re super interested in History and the culture of Ancient Rome, a tour of the Vatican should definitely be on your list! It was amazing to find out all about the history of the Pope and those beautiful painted ceilings by Michelangelo. Photos are banned in the Sistine Chapel to preserve the paintings for as long as possible, and I feel so lucky to have experienced the paintings and their beauty in person.

My trip to Rome was one I’ll never forget. Despite being under a week ago, the streets of Rome feel like a distant memory after returning back to my normal routine. There’s nothing I want more than to experience the sense of surreality of this beautiful city once again.

Let me know your thoughts if you’ve ever been or if you’re going to Rome, I’d love to hear from you! Follow us on twitter to hear the latest from me and Amy.


Billie x


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