Welcome back, Amy here again. I celebrated my 19th birthday on the 16th May and what a lovely / full of different emotions day I had.

My day started waking up to my gorgeous boyfriend who made me a Bacon Sandwich ( my fave) whilst having a lie in. I didn’t have any plans for the day apart from in the evening and because it was a horrible day once we decided to get up, we got ready and headed to my local shopping centre to have a mooch. We didn’t spend much time in the shopping centre but I lost Jake in one of the shops and when I found him again he had surprised me with my favourite drink  ( A Terry’s Chocolate Orange Shakeaway, yes, I still go to Shakeaway).


When we got back Jake wanted to take a couple of photos of me in this beautiful field next to my house which is covered in rapeseed. It was still pretty cloudy but kept having burst of sunshine.



Unfortunately my Mum was working away but my Dad and Sister got home about 6pm and then my Nanna and two Aunties came over for a Birthday Dinner, which I got to choose, so I obviously chose my favourite which is Spaghetti Bolognese. After eating WAY too much Spaghetti and opening my presents, everyone started singing and out came a stunning Chocolate Cake that my aunty had very kindly made for me. Then of course we just HAD to indulge in loads of cake. The next part of my day wasn’t too pleasant, I had to drop Jake off to the train station for him to set off on his two months of travelling. Despite this, I still had a lovely birthday.

The next morning I woke up and was super super excited, I had organised a birthday BBQ with all of my friends in the evening. ( Risky in May I know) What made it even more exciting is that I had a beautiful friend coming down from Warwick that I hadn’t seen in months and my gorgeous friend from work was joining us.


We went out for a lovely breakfast in the morning and then headed to buy loads of  food and decorations. After spending about an hour in the party shop and probably really annoying the shop assistant we went home and spent the rest of the day setting up. I went a bit overboard with the decorations but my garden looked pretty great if I do say so myself. Bunting, tropical themed paper plates, cocktails, fairy lights, candles, you name it.

This is it at night, forgot to take ones in the day ( oops )

Everyone stared arriving around 6:30pm and what a great night we had, the drinks were flowing, music was playing and spending my birthday with my amazing friends was one of the best feelings.




I can’t thank my friends and family enough for making my birthday extra special and making it one to remember.

Thanks so much for reading! Make sure you come back on Friday to check out Billies new post but in the mean time read all of her tips for packing light!

Much love, Amy xo



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