My 5 Top Tips For Packing Lightly

I’m currently last minute packing for my trip to Rome (my flight is super early tomorrow morning and I’m feeling the last-minute rush). When it comes to packing, I hate to admit that I’m your stereotypical girl. There’s no such thing as too many clothes isn’t that right? Anyway, I’ve finally managed to cut down to the bare essentials, so here’s my tips on how to do it!


  1. Get yourself a small bag to take with you. If you take a large bag, you’ll automatically want to fill it and therefore will end up packing things, that you really don’t need, because the space is there and available.
  2. You’ll definitely have heard this one before – wear your heaviest items to travel in! It’s about 27 degrees in Rome, which is great because all my summer clothes are super light! To travel in, I’m wearing a pair of blue jeans with a crop top and a flowery shirt over, because that way I’ll have a pair of jeans if it gets a bit chilly in the evenings! In terms of clothing, that means all that’s left to pack is a pair of shorts and a few tops, which takes up barely any space at all.
  3. Pack versatille clothing, and make sure it’s all of a similar colour palette. That way, you can easily mix and match your clothes to form different outfits. For Rome, I’m taking the denim jeans and denim shorts and the tops I am taking are all white, pale pink or floral, which is great because all of the colours go to well together.
  4. Packing without a list is very traumatic for me! I’m a great lover of writing lists and find it essential when packing, so that I can feel extremely confident that I haven’t forgotten anything. Write a list of everything that you want to take, and then work down the list and put a line through everything you don’t NEED. I massively cut down my makeup doing this and also managed to save space by only taking what I need, for example, rather than taking a packet of cotton pads to take off my makeup, I’ve taken about 6. Anything you’ll only use once during the whole trip, take it off the list!
  5. Anything you can buy there, get it there. Toothpaste, shower gel and shampoo and conditioner are all toiletries which you can get in pretty much any countries. In terms of my toiletries, I’m taking a small amount of makeup, deodorant and toothbrush.


I hope this post helps you if you’re going away this summer and don’t want to end up taking half your wardrobe! If you want to hear all about my trip to Rome, check the blog next Friday evening, or check in on Monday to hear all about Amy’s birthday. Have a look My Summer Wardrobe Haul, which features the clothes I’ll be packing.


Bills x


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