Before I start this blog post I want to make it clear that this is not me bad mouthing university, for some careers it is a must. I simply want to express that there are different options for you instead of university.

For SO many years now, university has been the norm for when you finish your A levels. You would have to decide what you want to do for a career and go straight into more training, learning and exams. However, especially in my last year of A-levels, I really noticed the decrease in amount of people wanting to go.

How I felt the whole way through A levels, haha.

University is an amazing place and it can get people to where they want to be within a couple of years. However, too many young adults are going to university for the sake of it, because it is ‘the norm’. Over the years the idea of university has changed and for some students has become a place to go to get absolutely ‘hammered’ every single night, and the importance of the lectures has dropped. Again, this is not me saying that all university students are like this, however no one can deny that the university culture has changed.

In this blog post I want to show you some other alternatives to going to university if you don’t think it is quite your cup of tea.


It is quite obvious that this option is becoming more and more popular. Many students are taking a couple of years out and travelling all over the world. Travelling is such an important part of life, it can teach you valuable life lessons and give you experiences you would never have seen. The thing with travelling is that you will never regret doing it. Since I have finished my A levels I have been working full-time and doing lots of little trips to Europe. During these trips I have seen different cultures and people’s way of life, and I wouldn’t change a thing. I know travelling can be expensive but you can also make it to fit your budget by using Budget airlines (especially around Europe ) and hostels instead of hotels.



A gap year is a great thing to do, especially after A-levels. You have just had two years of exams and stress so having a year out can really help you decide what you want to do. It gives you a bit of freedom for a year so you can just have fun and not be forced to make a decision straight away. There is so much you can do in a gap year:

  • Simply go from where you work part-time to full-time.
  • Work abroad in a different country (bar work, ski season, rep).
  • Volunteer in a third world country.

It very much depends what you want to do and what you are like as a person but they can honestly be one of the best years of your life before you settle into something more serious.



There is a lot of controversy over apprenticeships, mostly over the pay and companies taking advantage of the younger generation. However, they can be very beneficial. I know a few friends who have got amazing apprenticeships and yes the money isn’t great but they are learning so much about their chosen industry and getting vital experience that you wouldn’t get studying at university. Apprenticeships are hard to get as there are so many young people going for them, but if you get a good company, it can really pay off in the future. Also, you are studying a course and working simultaneously, gaining two skills in one. However you do have to be careful as you will get some companies who just want you there as their ‘dogs body’ so just be the careful.


As for myself, my plan was to take a gap year, work full-time, do a bit of travelling and then start a fashion apprenticeship this September. However my life has turned on its head and that’s all out of the window!

These are just a few ideas of things you can do instead of going to university. Again, this blog post is not me slating university in the slightest, I give my up most respect for people going to university! I just wanted to show that if you don’t think it is for you, YOU HAVE OTHER OPTIONS!

I hope this post helped anyone who was stuck in the same position as me,

Thanks for reading,

Amy! x



  1. Loved this post. Felt the same way when I was 19 and in University. Better to take the time to know what you truly want to do 🙂 x

    Liked by 1 person

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