My Summer Wardrobe Haul

A summer full of clothes but nothing to wear – we’ve all heard and felt this one haven’t we girls? The one downfall of the beautiful weather we’ve had recently? My lack of England-appropriate summer clothes!! After realising that I really can’t wear crop tops, shorts or beach playsuits to work, I took myself shopping to Milton Keynes with the boyf (much to his enjoyment) to purchase some new treats for my wardrobe.

So the first item of clothing I brought was from George at Asda, and costed an incredible £10. I really love this top and think it would be perfect to wear to work, but would also look gorgeous with a pair of blue jeans and heeled sandals for summer evenings. It’s also lightweight and loose, which will be super comfy and cool on a summer day and look flattering with skinny jeans. The top has some super cute detailing on the front which makes it flattering around the neckline. For a tenner, it’s definitely a winner in my eyes! IMG_8927


I picked up these patterned trousers in the New Look sale for £14.99. I’m normally a size 4/6 so really struggle when it comes to finding trousers, especially for a good price! The fit of these trousers is lovely and once again, are another item of clothing that I will be able to wear to work. I love the print and also love that the trousers will go with a variation of tops  and with sandals, closed toe shoes or flip flops.



This top below is a striped cami, also from New Look, priced at £7.00. I love the colour of the stripes and also the drawstring effect on the straps, I think it’s really unique and the colours mean that it will go with different coloured trousers and jeans.



The white jeans that I put the top with are from Miss Selfridge. They’re a high waisted fit, which I tend to prefer. I was dying for a pair of white jeans, but once again have struggled looking for a pair that fit perfectly! They cost £34 which isn’t too bad for a nice pair of jeans.

The shirt below is from Topshop, and cost £30. I brought this the week before but wanted to include it in this post because I love it! I have worn it a few times, casually with jeans, undone with a pair of denim shorts and also done up and tucked into a black pair of cigarette trousers for work. For me, this shirt is perfect because it can be worn on so many different occasions so you really feel like you get the wear out of it. It’s super soft and I love the floral print, it’s the perfect piece for your wardrobe during spring.




Again, I brought this top before my little shopping trip at the weekend. This top is one that I love to wear to work and is one that I always get complimented on. It’s from an online retailer called LaRedoute, which is a French inspired brand. I got it in the sale, I think for around £15 and it is a purchase that I’m so grateful for! The back is super pretty (when worn with a bra that doesn’t show haha) and looks lovely with my cigarette trousers or a pair of plain black jeans. I couldn’t find the top on the website as I think it sold out after being in the sale, but I added it as a link anyway because I think there’s a few similar.




Finally, the last piece that I bought at the weekend is a gorgeous pale pink bardot top from Miss Selfridge, priced at £22. I love the style of this top, I have a flowery one similar from Topshop that is cropped, but I also like how this one is quite loose and is longer. I wore it on Sunday when we had a family BBQ with a pair of denim shorts and flip flops, which was lovely because it was flattering without showing too much flesh.



A pic of me and Jack from the family BBQ x
I really hope you enjoyed reading this post! I’d love to hear your thoughts about these purchases so don’t forget to leave a comment below! If you want to hear more from me, have a look at my last blog post about how exercise has changed my life. If not, read Amy’s recent post all about Geocaching (I had no idea about it before reading it either!)


Bills x



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