Why Exercise Has Changed My Life

After exercising regularly for over two years, I can admit to you that yes, all of the benefits are true, yes it’s worth the pain, and yes it has the potential to change your entire mindset about life.

On average, I go to an exercise class at least twice a week after finishing work and try to run or go for a long walk once a week. Physical benefits put aside, exercising after work is so therapeutic and it seriously helps to unwind after a day in the office. Any problems or issues that are stressing you out, you work them off, and leave feeling like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders (cliché.. I know). It’s also a great sense of accomplishment knowing that I’ve had the energy to exercise after a day of work.

This brings me onto my next benefit. Exercising regularly has INCREASED my energy levels throughout the day. How does using energy leave you with increased energy – that’s what you’re wondering right? Well, exercise fights fatigue in the body, which will happen regularly when you exercise regularly. This means that in general, your body will be less tired, and you’ll find yourself with more energy.

For me, exercising isn’t about losing weight as I feel comfortable in my body. I care about my wellbeing and fitness, which is another reason why I have chosen to exercise. I danced competitively for almost 10 years of my life, which involved hours and hours of training along with entire Sunday’s spent at competitions, so I’ve never been shy of pushing my stamina levels to the max. As I got older, I gave up dancing and pretty much stopped exercising, so after a while I was super interested to get back into it.

Cheeky throwback to one of my earliest competitions

If you didn’t know already, my boyfriend’s a uni student. When he’s home, he literally lives 3 minutes away from me in the next village along, so we’re super close and used to spend A LOT of time together before he started university. Obviously I catch up with friends during the week and do all the bits and bobs that I need to do, but I find that exercising keeps me out of trouble and gives me something to do when I’m not busy. This has helped me to cope with him not being just around the corner all the time and means that I’m not there missing him and feeling down constantly. I also feel a lot more independent. A few years ago I would never have had the confidence to go to exercise classes or go running on my own, but now it doesn’t phase me and I even love a good old natter with all the other women there.


And the best benefit of them all… I never feel guilty about what I eat! I’m a massive lover of desserts and will often find myself leaving room for dessert when it comes to eating out at a restaurant. Put a  good crumble or citrus flavoured pudding in front of me, and the chances are, I won’t be able to say no – but knowing that I exercise regularly and have a balanced diet, it really doesn’t matter! As well as not worrying about what I eat, I have also noticed an improvement in my skin. Whether this is down to exercising or down to growing  up and getting over those teenage hormonal years I don’t know, but nothing feels better than sweating out all those impurities on the skin!

I recently invested in a new pair of leggings, which I HAVE to recommend. I’m a UK size 4/6 and tend to struggle when it comes to buying clothes, especially for sport! They’re either miles too long or huge at the waist, but after looking in numerous shops I finally found the perfect fit. The Ultimate Fit Long Tights by Adidas are my life-saver and are incredibly comfortable! They cost £38, which is more than I would usually spend, but considering they fit so nicely it’s worth it and I couldn’t miss up on the opportunity to vouch for them. I LOVE Sweaty Betty and have one of their yoga tops, which is ridiculously comfortable and it’s prettiness is ever so motivating!


Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed reading my post! You can follow me and Amy on twitter to hear more from us, and feel free to check out our previous posts!


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4 thoughts on “Why Exercise Has Changed My Life

  1. Great post!! I feel you about being in a university relationship. Mines a bit different: we’re both at uni. I live with him too so most of the year it’s the best time ever (except not seeing my family and being ridiculously homesick but then there’s choosing them over him or vice versa – very messy) But for the summer, it’s ridiculously hard. After living with someone 24/7 to nothing at all is a mind fuck! (excuse my french) So I will be taking on the gym as a release. p.s GIVE ME THAT TOP OMG! xx


    Liked by 1 person

    1. That must be so lovely to live together though! We get to see each other quite often though so I can’t really complain too much! The gym definitely helps! and the top was a present from the boyf – it’s so pretty isn’t it?! xx


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