My Very Exciting Day Out

So, yesterday was the long awaited day where I would be able to finally stop driving my old banger of a car and upgrade to my dream car, a gorgeous little mini. We had to travel to Cheltenham to get the car, so we decided to make a day of it and explore some of England!

So we left the house in the morning and drove to Oxford to pick up the boyf from uni, and then made our way towards The Cotswolds. All of our stomachs started to growl so, looking for somewhere to lunch, we headed into the small, gorgeous town of Burford. It’s a small town in the Cotswolds Hills in West Oxfordshire. I’ve been to the Cotswolds once before, but it didn’t prepare me for how beautiful and stunning this little town would be!

If anyone visiting England wanted to find a traditional country pub, this is the place! We stopped off at The Royal Oak pub, and was greeted in by the smell of a fire smouldering in the bar area. My mum opted for a brie and cranberry baguette, my granny and Jack went for a very traditional but delicious steak and ale pie whilst I went for a crab cake  salad with a sweet chilli dressing – it was divine!!


After lunch, decided to explore the town. All of the buildings were made from a beautiful stone, which is associated with the Cotswolds. The shops in this town were all independent shops, for example there was a bakery, a cheese shop, a butchers and even an old, classic sweet shop. There are many beautiful side streets to explore, which consist of tea shops, gift shops and boutiques. This would be the IDEAL place to stop for some afternoon tea!!





My excitement really started to build as we got into the car and headed for the Cotswold Mini Dealership in Cheltenham. The last two minutes of the journey were probably the longest two minutes of my life! But eventually, we saw the mini sign in the distance and the excitement surged out of me, especially when I saw the car with an “aaaah Billie… I’ve been waiting for you” sign on it!

After test driving and buying the car, me and Jack headed back off to Oxford for the bank holiday weekend in my lovely new car, which is absolutely beautiful to drive!



Hope you liked reading this post, feel free to check out my last post Sun, Sea and Sangria and if you want to hear more about the Cotswolds, read Amy’s post on her stay there!


Bills x





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