Rome, A Trip I’ll Never Forget

There are no words in this world to explain to you how incredible my trip to Rome last weekend was. The city was BEAUTIFUL, full of culture, gave breathtaking views and of course filled our hungry bellies with the most delicious food. Out of all the cities that I’ve ever been to, Rome is without doubt my absolute favourite and I would fly back again tomorrow given the chance.

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My 5 Top Tips For Packing Lightly

I’m currently last minute packing for my trip to Rome (my flight is super early tomorrow morning and I’m feeling the last-minute rush). When it comes to packing, I hate to admit that I’m your stereotypical girl. There’s no such thing as too many clothes isn’t that right? Anyway, I’ve finally managed to cut down to the bare essentials, so here’s my tips on how to do it!

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My Summer Wardrobe Haul

A summer full of clothes but nothing to wear – we’ve all heard and felt this one haven’t we girls? The one downfall of the beautiful weather we’ve had recently? My lack of England-appropriate summer clothes!! After realising that I really can’t wear crop tops, shorts or beach playsuits to work, I took myself shopping to Milton Keynes with the boyf (much to his enjoyment) to purchase some new treats for my wardrobe.

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