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Hello again! I hope you’ve had a lovely Monday! (As good as Mondays can be!)

Recently I went on a day trip to Brighton joined by my sister, my boyfriend ( Kiwi) and a very good friend of mine who I work with ( Australian ).The two travellers were yet to check out Brighton so before my sister went back to school ( as a teacher ) we decided to have a little road trip.


I decided to take one for the team and drive all the way down to Brighton. (This turned out to be a laugh). So, we set off for the (meant to be) 2 and a half hour journey and everything was going swimmingly until we hit the M23 and came to a standstill. Turned out that a car had set on fire about 10 cars ahead of us and they had closed the motorway. Luckily, no one was hurt. Of course whenever there is a standstill on the motorway everyone decides to get out of their car to see what is going on. We had a guy in front of us going from car to car to discuss the situation. Extremely amusing and an extremely English thing to do. We thought we may as well embrace the situation so we whacked up the music, my sister had half her body out of the car attempting to catch some sun and had a good old-time partying on the motorway.

When we finally arrived in Brighton, (3 and a half hours later) before I had even barely parked the car, the Aussie had run down to the sea and touched the water. However to her dismay she wasn’t best pleased with the stony beach. Quote – ‘ What the F*ck is this?! This isn’t a beach!”


We decided to quickly grab some Fish and Chips, so we popped into ‘Harry Ramsden”. It was a lovely feeling being surrounded by amazing people, the sun on your face and indulging in some delicious Fish and Chips. After nearly falling asleep on the beach we headed to the pier.



Our two friends had never seen a ‘penny machine’ before so of course me and sister HAD to show them what they where all about. After twenty minutes and becoming more and more addicted we decided its time to call it quits and keep walking to the end of the pier. At the end of the pier there is tons of rides. Twisters, roller coaster, log flumes and a haunted house. You name it. However we all decided to go on one called ‘Crazy Mouse’. Well, I can safely say I have not laughed that much in a long time! Rides are not really my thing but this one was absolutely hilarious! The Aussie was brought to tears because of how good and funny it was. Those couple of minutes on that ride is a memory I will never forget. I would have 100% paid to go on it again if they hadn’t of brought another ticket to the roller coaster where I was the bag lady and sat and watched them.


After having a blast on the pier we noticed the clouds where getting very dark so decided to walk to the lanes and take shelter in a cute tea shop called ‘Sugardough’.

image2 copyimage3

Once we all warmed up with our Tea, Coffee and Hot Chocolates we headed off into the lanes to explore all of the intricate and beautiful shops. My sister and boyfriend had had enough of shopping within about ten minutes so they headed off to the pub to have a pint whilst we carried on shopping. We came across some amazing street art, shops and of course the famous ‘choccywoccydoodah’.



After shopping for some time we joined them at ‘The Cricketers’ and what an amazing pub it was. Absolutely stunning outside and in. We realised there was live music every Tuesday from 9pm, so after a delicious dinner at Jamie’s Italian we headed back to the pub.

We ended the evening back at the pub where the live music was to our surprise actually really good. The artist set an amazing mood over the whole pub and made the end of our amazing day even better. After more beers ( for them ) and multiple glasses of water for me, we headed back to the car and endured another 3 and a half journey home because of more road works.

I think what made this day so amazing is that we had no agenda, nobody was in a rush and I was surrounded by three amazing people who mean so much to me. Anyone travelling to England or who simply hasn’t been, Brighton is a 100% a must see, there is no where else like it in England.

Thanks for reading!
Amy x


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