Sun, Sea and Sangria!

Rather than spending my Easter in a miserable, raining England eating chocolate eggs, I was lucky enough to spend 2 weeks out in the sunny Gran Canaria tanning myself, eating tapas and drinking (quite a few) cocktails!

To me, the gorgeous Island is my second home as I have been there near enough every year of my life because my parents own a timeshare in Maspalomas. We flew out on Easter Friday after Jack had come home from university and I had finished work to meet my family on the other side. After a delayed flight and a belly full of food, we were of up into the sky.


This year was the first time that Jack had ever been to Gran Canaria, which meant that our holiday was full of our favourite activities and gorgeous sights so that he could see as much of the island as possible. I could write about my time on holiday for days, so I’m going to keep this as short and sweet as possible, which will keep me from wishing I was back in the sun and keep you from getting bored!

Exploring !! 

If you know Gran Canaria, you’ll probably know about the sand dunes. The sand that sits on the dunes is from the Sahara dessert because despite the Canary Islands being Spanish, they’re a lot closer to Africa than they are to Spain! One of my family traditions that happens every year is the walk through the sand dunes from Maspalomas to Playa del Ingles, and the reward is a cheeky McDonalds at the end! Half way through the walk, you’ll happen to find yourself in the naked zone of the beach (yes, this is means what you’re thinking) where many aged individuals like to play volleyball and tan the entirety of their body. My brothers and I used to be so engrossed in running up the sand dunes and jumping over the waves that we didn’t actually notice this until my youngest brother was about 4 – which my parents found quite hilarious!!

If you’re looking for a beautiful beach, then look no further than Amadores. This beach is a little trek from where we stay, but it is by far one of the loveliest. It’s a gorgeous man-made beach with a curved bay and a large stretch of golden, crystal sand. There are plenty of shops, restaurants and bars along the promenade and also a fantastic crazy golf course. A day at the beach with my family is not complete without The Crazy Golf Championships thanks to the very competitive nature of my family.




Another stunning place to visit is Puerto Morgan – which isn’t too far from Amadores! It’s know as the ‘Little Venice’ of Gran Canaria, as there are little canals that run between the buildings and bridges full of flowers to walk over. Once you are into the main Port, you’re surrounded by boats, fish in the water and plenty of bars and restaurants, which make this a lovely place for a bite to eat in the evenings.



One of my FAVOURITE places in Gran Canaria is called Melonaras, and it’s a beautiful parade of restaurants by the sea, situated in front of designer shops and beautiful, abstract hotels. There’s a fantastic bar/restaurant that is on the lower level that has live music. The cocktails are amazing and the bar is so lively on a Friday/Saturday night as the British like singer is guaranteed to pull out all of the classics! The food at Melonaras leaves you spoilt for choice. Whether you fancy Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Indian, American food or fish, I promise that there will be a restaurant to suit your mood.

Before one of our nights out in Melonaras x 


As I’ve mentioned already, my family is EXTREMELY competitive (this was what growing up with brothers does to you), so a family race of go carting becomes the latest Formula 1 championship after about 3 different races on the track. We do this at the Gran Karting Club, which is the best track for go carting on the island. It’s great fun for all of the family! Now we are older, we can all go on the adult track, but there’s a mini track and a medium sized one so that no one feels left out.

Another one of my family’s crazy holiday traditions is to drive the mountains. Gran Canaria is an extremely mountainous island, which you’ll notice if you ever go onto the motorway as you pass through the mountains in tunnels. Every year we hire a car and venture up into the mountains to look at the incredible views. It’s so surreal because as you pass through, you’ll come across a random house on the middle of a mountainside – I wonder how far they have to travel if they realise they’ve got no bread in the morning?? Once you’re up in the mountains, you’ll find little towns with little cafes and restaurants. There’s a restaurant in the town of Fataga that serves delicious tapas and you can sit outside and look over the phenomenal views of the mountains.

Google’s LOVELY picture of Fataga ! 

These were just a few of the things that I got up to on my holiday, but unfortunately now I’m left with the memories, a tan that is beginning to fade and leftover Easter eggs next to me as I comfort eat, wishing I was back there!!


I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about my holiday! If you want to read about all the super cool things that I got up to on my last trip (Copenhagen), click here.


Bills x





My beautiful family (excuse my dads bandages haha – he had an operation) 

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